The Hangar – Serving Brunch + Menu From Broth House

The Hangar at Arab street has been around for quite some time now, and just recently joined by its new neighbour, Broth House, which is opened by the same people. While The Hangar serves more brunch kind of food with an array of sandwiches and main dishes, Broth House serves Asian inspired fares like noodles, broth dishes and street side snacks

So I met the friend for brunch at The Hangar, which happened to serve the menu from Broth House as well and hey, you get the best of both worlds!

Cold Fresh Mint Mocha $8.90

Dark Chocolate with Fresh Mint and Long Espresso

Rather meh, with not much hint of mint and wasn’t much balance between the coffee and chocolate

Beef Short Rib Shasuka $22.90

Tender slow roasted braised beef stew with aubergine, baked eggs and turkish bread

The Hangar’s take on lamb shasuka, with generous amount of chunky tender short ribs. A very hearty and flavourful dish topped with cheese

Braised Pull Pork Mee $7.90

Tender slow cooked pulled pork with poached egg

I absolutely adored the noodles. Somewhat similar to kolo mee, nicely marinated and q, with tender pork slices and earthy bowl of soup

Topped with chilli sauce to give it extra kick

Or mix with with the yolk to have the creamy texture in your mouth


I like how you can try either menu here, plus point for a diverse selection for those who want something else other than the usual brunch suspects. I thought the noodles were pretty decent and perhaps can try to go back to try the other dishes. Though I did recommend it to a friend and she did went down but the place wasn’t opened (by right they should open, so I was confused). In any case, another option if you are in Kampong Glam area!

The Hangar

25 Arab Street, S(199724)

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