KOOKS Creamery – Selling Molten Lava Cookies with Icecream

KOOKS Creamery is helmed by 2 sisters, who decided to open a cafe specialising in lava cookies in the heart of Serangoon. This small store features home made icecream and lava cookie set, either with chocolate or matcha flavour all in one small little pan


A variety of icecream to choose from

We tasted a little of everything and I must say the icecream was really good

Double scoop icecream $6

Of course, you can just go for icecream without the cookie

 I spy the matcha with my naked eye


Matcha Lava Cookie with Milk & Cereal Icecream $8.50

I chose the milk & cereal icecream to go with matcha so that the flavours don’t overwhelm each other and I must say it worked out pretty well

This concept is one of the first in Singapore so I think there is some novelty and attraction just in case you are sick of waffles. I personally find the cookie too filling after awhile so perhaps sharing one will be good. If not, just some homemade icecream sounds pretty good as well

Kooks Creamery

#01-02, 211 Serangoon Ave 4

Block 211, S(550211)

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