Timbre+ – A Hipster Gastropark at Ayer Rajah

The newest concept by Timbre Group houses 35 F&B brands under one roof. Taking over Ayer Rajah hawker centre, this place feels like a hipster hawker centre with live band taking the stage every night. Do check out Timbre website for timing

The place gets dimmed after a certain time for a change of atmosphere, and the place gets filled up pretty quickly for dinner

Garçons; 12 Hour Crispy Pork Belly with Sautéed Mushroom and French Butter Rice $17

The pork belly was really delicious with the skin crackling and the meat so smooth, tender and flavourful

Iskina Cebu; Double Sample: Spicy Bellychon + Liempo $11

Even though there were many raving about the meat from this Philippine stall, I thought I prefer Garcon’s rendition and way of cooking

Teepee Daidokoro; Yakitori Don $8.80

Never a fan of Teppei, the yakitori was tough and disappointing

D’s Joint; Chilli Crab Linguine $18

This chilli crab pasta was a favourite with the pasta well cooked and flavours balanced and punchy

Two Wings $16.90

Kush; Salted Egg Fries $12

When the friend came back with a bowl of fries instead of pizza, we were shocked. Then we were even more surprised this bowl of normal fries cost $12. Seriously

Dancing Crab Shack; Lobster Roll $24

Big chunks of lobster meat with a light aoili and a side of fries. It was decent but I thought the sauce was a little on the acidic side

Beer Battered Cajun Calamari $8

Timbre+ has this tray return system which the stalls will collect a $1 deposit from you when you order your food and the money will be returned to you when you return the trays. The idea is to encourage customers to clear their own table, so don’t be in a rush to return the tray without your mess!

With a short walk away from One North station, this place is pretty accessible and convenient. There is no lack of variety and options to choose from though I think prices are a little on the steep side. The only consideration is this place is definitely not one to have conversations cos when the band starts playing, you can’t even hear each other


73A Ayer Rajah Crescent
Singapore 139957

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  1. Hi there! I think there’s a little mix-up; those aren’t the salted egg fries from The World is Flat. Ours are made with sweet potato, mozzarella cheese, gruyere cheese, spice mix and sour cream. The cost is 11 SGD.


    1. irisslove says:

      hi, sorry! My bad! Have amended it. Thanks!


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