Arteastiq @ Plaza Singapura – It’s Worth A Second Chance

I remembered when Arteastiq opened it first outlet at Mandarin Gallery, I did not have much impression of it. The tea lacked flavour and the food was mediocre. But few days ago, the friend asked me to suggest a place for dinner in Dhoby Ghaut, I decided to try the new Arteastiq outlet which was located at the extended wing of Plaza Singapura


The tea house was hidden in a corner, and you can easily miss it



Similar to Mandarin Gallery, they had a dining area and an art jamming area

I was surprised this place was packed for dinner, and was really lucky to get a table without reservations


Lychee Tea $8

The tea was infused with the fragrance of the tea, and you could taste the sweetness of the lychee all in your mouth. The first pot was deep in flavour, and delightful to taste. But if you keep adding water to the pot, the tea gradually lose its flavour, and the impact as well

Both of us came from a very heavy lunch, so we decided to get one set dinner to share instead. They do have an ala carte menu, but it is the same menu as their set menu (which I was like uhh, okay). The menu is different from what I see online, probably cos they cater a different menu for dinner time or different outlet

Luscious Dinner – Starter, Entree, Dessert $45


Nordic Light – Soba Salad +$3

Greens, soba noodles, smoked salmon tossed in Asian vinaigrette and with a flour tortilla bowl

I like the sauce which makes the salad appetising. The noodles were tad bland and the tortilla was just confusing. We don’t really understand why is a need for it and I feel that it just doesn’t go well with the dish


Boston Love Boat – Ciponio +$3

This took forever to come. I think we drank finish one pot of tea each while waiting


But when it came, we finally understand why. Huge is probably an understatement. The friend said they should have mention the waiting time so at least customers know they have to wait for awhile, which I agree

The crust responded with a light crack when you hit the spoon against it. The pastry was baked really well and tasted delicious with a crisp outer layer and a sweet inner layer. The sweet potato fries were pretty addictive as well


The big bowl probably makes the stew seem really little. We have to dig deep enough to scoop the broth out, which was packed with the sweetness of the seafood. You can find huge portion of seafood – prawns, scallops, fish and mussels in your seafood stew, mixed with tomatoes to give the soup that extra flavour


Adam in Wonderland

Apple cake with lychee and yuzu icecream


The apple cake was moist and warm. You can taste the strong and sweet apple taste, balanced with an acidic raspberry sauce. I thought the lychee icecream was too sweet though and they melt way too fast

I was rather impressed by the food this time round though this place is severely understaffed. We have to keep calling the waiters to check on our food and a peak dinner crowd just makes it worse. For those who don’t mind a longer wait time, I think Arteastiq is definitely worth a second chance

Arteastiq @ Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Rd, Plaza Singapura

#03-70/72, S(238839)

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