Cafe Burano – European Style Cafe You Won’t Wanna Miss

Cafe Burano is 3 minutes walk away from Sweet Seoul Style Guesthouse, which makes an ideal cafe to visit. Before I left, I asked the receptionist which was the quickest route to the cafe given they actually have a file of ‘To-go’ places to visit in Hongdae and Cafe Burano is one of them. The receptionist told me to get there, I have to walk all the way to the subway (7 minutes away) and then walk back to the cafe (5 minutes). I was like uh, you must be kidding right? So I decided to google and locate the cafe myself, which turns out to be a very short walk


Spot this little blue cafe by the street


Such a pretty place


It’s a self-service cafe where you make your order at the counter, and collect the food when the buzzer rings, and deliver your tray back to the return area



Festive spirit


Super delicious looking pastries. I was totally convinced to try one myself, if not for the gigantic portion of breakfast I had



French Toast w Bulgogi Omelette ₩13,000


Latte ₩4,500

The coffee was a little too light for me, and seems to be overwhelmed by the milk. Though it was a huge cup of latte


I think I was a little too overwhelmed by the size. You can definitely share this between 2 people. The french toast was decent, though I think it can afford to be a little more moist and sweet. I like the tossing of the salad dressing, accompanied by the perfectly roasted potatoes


But the highlight is definitely the bulgogi omelette. It is so awesome you have to give it a try yourself. Sweet omelette with flavourful and well cooked bulgogi beneath, it was a simple and delightful omelette


Light and crisp meringue to accompany my latte


oops, one snowman gone!


I could only afford to finish half of everything, which I thought was super wasteful. It’s not that the food isn’t good, but my appetite is pretty small to start with. Cafe Burano is definitely one cafe with good ambience and decent brunch with a huge portion. Give this cafe a visit if you are in Hongdae area, and try the desserts on my behalf

Cafe Burano

Address: 201-16 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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