Seoul – Express Bus Terminal, Ginko Avenue Cafe, Garosugil, Line Friends Cafe & Store

Last day of Seoul! I really miss home, and can’t wait to go home already. lol but I am still determined to make the most out of it. It was a free and easy day, starting with brunch at Cafe Burano near the guesthouse but not before some drama in the morning. Read my review on Cafe Burano here. Right after, I made my way down to Express Bus terminal for shopping cos I wanted to stock up my winter wear for my upcoming trip in February and I heard there are 600 stalls there to browse through


When I stepped into the underground shopping, I was like woah, like what the friend said, you can see no end to it. So I just started walking. I think prices here are a little cheaper with more selection as well. So it is definitely a good shopping destination

Address: Express Bus Terminal station, exit 8

I went cafe hopping at Garosugil. Honestly, I was contemplating which one to go to cos I had craving for waffles, so I read someone mentioned Ginko Avenue serves some pretty decent waffles and I decided to give it a try, but on hindsight, I shouldn’t have heed that advice


Very pretty exterior, with a touch of European flavour



You can choose the alfresco option if not for the winter season


Green Tea Waffles with Strawberry & Vanilla Haagen Dazs Ice Cream ₩9,000

Dutch Latte ₩6,000


I think the waffles were a little flat and dense. They do taste of green tea but lacked the fluffy and crispy texture I was looking for. I went for Dutch latte cos it was something different, and not that you get to try it everyday. But on hindsight, it was a bad decision. The Dutch latte was really light, and tasted more like sugared milk. I think I don’t know how to appreciate Dutch latte =X

It was a disappointing visit. I think I should have just gone to Beans Bins which was located next door

Address: 100-411 Sinsa-dong, Seoul, South Korea

Walked along the streets of Garosugil, which was relaxing and enjoyable and you get to see many fashionable young Koreans (like really fashionable) and if you are in luck, with flashy cars



A mix of retail and f&b places


And honestly too many cafes


Ha, training from young 😉 This little girl is really cute, posing for her mum to take photos



Couldn’t resist a visit to Line Friends Cafe



Think you might die of cuteness here








Mr Brown Icecream ₩4,500

I’m not a fan of milky stuffs, and I find this icecream was too milky for me


Brown & Friends Macarons ₩18,000

And the super cute macarons, which tasted pretty good. Nicely baked outer layer with a decently flavoured filling

And then it was time to make my way to the airport. I gave myself ample time, and was lucky that I did


Look at the line… This photo does not capture the line from the opposite entrance. Just for your information, it takes at least 30 minutes to clear security screening + immigration


All in the mood!


I was severely craving for home-cooked food, and decided to order something Asian for dinner


Korean Braised Chicken w Ginseng

Wah, airplane food has never tasted this delicious before. This dish seriously reminds me of home


Icecream, which didn’t taste half as bad but there was a stronger vanilla taste


And Singapore Sling, which hey, was pretty good!

And this, finally, concludes my Seoul trip. Blogging about travel and food together is seriously tiring. I have all respect for all other bloggers out there. It’s like ever since I’m back, I’m chasing my own blog posts every single day. Sleeping late at night just so that I can have all my posts up in time and not to carry too many backlogs, if not they will just keep piling up. And in concurrent, dealing with Christmas season of dining and giving. Whee, good job me! *Pats on my shoulder*

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Today also marks the last day of 2015, which hasn’t been easy. The year has seen its ups and downs and perhaps more downs than ups. Many times you ask yourself why, what, how or when. But amidst everything, I’m still thankful cos I believe everything happens for a reason. A setback is only for you to become stronger, and have faith everything will be better tomorrow. Most importantly, there are still people around you who sincerely love and care for you. You will grow, be patient, for every small step you take in the right direction becomes the biggest step of your life.

2015 has also seen me travel to the most number of places – 8 destinations in a year, and I hope I can see more next year. I am counting down to my Scandinavian trip already. Goodbye 2015, and Happy New Year everyone 🙂

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