National Kitchen By Violet Oon – The Restaurant You Really Wanna Visit

Fans of Violet Oon will be happy to hear that the restaurant has opened a new eatery at the newly opened National Gallery Singapore. Locating the restaurant was a little challenging, just cos there were so little signs and the friend and I were joking we could play hide and seek here given you will not be able to tell there is actually a restaurant hidden among the gallery. We went on their 4th day of operation so we were fortunate to dine there before the crowd swarms in


A very subdued entrance, in theme with National Gallery, and honestly they camouflage pretty well


But yet the interior was entirely different. It was grand yet cozy and speaks every detail of Peranakan heritage



A classy bar with hints of vintage


The owner Ming took time to introduce to us each detail of his interior, which was pretty interesting. Cos if he didn’t say, we would have been pretty much focused on the food instead. Each photo frame was carefully sourced, and some even contributed by family and friends just so they could keep with tradition of their original restaurant at Bukit Timah and also in theme with National Gallery. And every photo tells a story


The tiles were customised with each design and motif a certain meaning to it, and those that were on the walls were collected since 5 years ago, specially for this opening of the new outlet

The food here is similar to the original restaurant with theie signature dishes on the menu but with addition of local delights, so you can find your chilli crab and chicken rice here


Ngoh Hiang $15

The ngoh hiang was packed with prawn, crab, chicken, water chestnut and each bite into the crispy skin was a delight with the juice circulating in your mouth. Dip it with their sambal chilli for some kick and you will finish these bite-size starters in no time


Kueh Pie Tee $17

I have never been a fan of kueh pie tee, but these were pretty delicious. The shell was crispy without being too thick and oily. The bamboo shoot and turnip were first poached in prawn bisque to give that extra fragrant flavour and topping it with sweet sauce to round it off was pretty satisfying


Chap Chye $15

A classic Nonya dish of braised mixed vegetables in a deep prawn bisque. A simple dish that reminds you of home


Chicken Lemak $17

This is like curry chicken, Nonya style. Chicken was cooked perfectly tender and the gravy was packed with rich flavours of spices. Eat them with a bowl of rice and I think you might just finish the rice before the meat


Beef Rendang $22

Another recommended dish. The beef rendang here is a little different cos they marinate the beef in gula melaka sauce which is why the meat tastes sweeter. I thought it was a pretty good idea since it helps to mask the beefy flavour which some people don’t particularly enjoy. The meat is first braised then stewed to ensure you enjoy the tenderness of the meat in greatest satisfaction, and I have to admit this is one delicious beef rendang


Dry Laksa $22

Violet Oon’s signature dry laksa. It’s so good you will never regret ordering this. The noodles were infused with the fragrance of the laksa and each flavour delivers straight to the palate


Roti Jala w Gula Melaka & Banana Sauce $10

The pancake, though seem pretty normal, has a very nice fragrance to it. The layers were evenly cooked and topping it with gula melaka sauce was simply addictive

Though we didn’t seem like we order a lot, it was more than enough to handle. We missed out on their famous Ginger beer cos they ran out so we make a point to reserve the Ginger beer as well the next time we call to make a reservation cos it’s freshly made daily


This place is beautiful, and I admire the every detail that has been put into the restaurant. Service was friendly and attentive and I think the friends enjoyed every bit of the food as I had. Though one thing bad about Peranakan cuisine is they are so rich in flavours you feel like you have eaten 3 meals instead of 1 but that being said, I will still go back to National Kitchen anytime. One thing to note, this place isn’t big and I suspect reservations will run out quickly when the place gets crowded so don’t say I didn’t warn


To help you locate the place easier, if you are coming from Coleman street entrance, you will be greeted with this when you enter. The restaurant is on the 2nd level on the left. You will pass through a set of doors before you can see it

For those who are interested to hold a private event, they have a private dining area which can accommodate up to 12 people, and the outdoor terrace will be returned to them in a week’s time which can accommodate up to 100 pax. And if you are thinking of a place for New Year’s eve dinner, National Kitchen is doing a 5-course dinner at $283++ with a flute of champagne where you can also catch fireworks at the same time as well. Do call them to find out more

National Kitchen By Violet Oon

1 St Andrew’s Road, #02-021

National Gallery Singapore (City Hall Wing)

Singapore 178957

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