Snaps! Memories from my trusty iPhone

Hunt for my chirashi continues

This time round featuring Nama Hon Maguro from Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya which you can read about it here. I really like how their bluefin tuna is so fresh and sweet, each bite is just pure bliss

Met a friend at Lenu (樂牛) to have their beef noodles. Somehow, I was not very impressed, from the beef to the noodles to the soup

Their braised beancurd was pretty decent, or rather I think I enjoyed it more than their noodles

Got myself a free meal at The Daily Cut! yay! It is still one of my favourite salad place which serves delicious proteins

Issan Thai Food at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market, cheap, good and delicious I actually finished my whole bowl of sukiyaki. They serve a generous portion of ingredients

Coffee Break at Dapper Coffee, though I have to say their roast is really not my kind of thing. The tiramisu tart is interesting though, and looks really tempting to order one too

Htht session with my girls at Jekyll & Hyde, which does bespoke cocktails. Lovely drinks and a nice place hidden among the shops in Tras street

I had a craving for salad so decided to make some at home #iriscancook

My version of Penang Hokkien Mee, dry and chillied. The broth was cooked with scallops and prawns and added some greens and a 5 minute egg to it. Instant noodles can be delicious too!

Seared a salmon steak for dinner. I think this has some standard right? 😀

Dinner at Pho Tai, a new Vietnamese restaurant at the equally new Capital Piazza

The restaurant was empty, with only our table and the other table which was occupied by Team Myanmar

Beef Pho $9.90

The pho was disappointing. I had expectations given that this place had its origin from Paris and the soup here is supposed to be rich with premium ingredients used. Sadly, I couldn’t taste any of that. It was pretty bland. It felt like the flavour was in a run to the finish point but somehow they just didn’t cross the finish line at all. The soup only became better after I added spoonfuls of chilli into it

The noodles were firm and springy and the beef slices were normal

Chicken Pho $9.90

I thought my beef pho was bad until I tasted the friend’s chicken pho. The soup tasted like onion soup or a lighter and less oily version of mee soto which was really bland

I’m glad we are not the only table to think that the soup needs improving cos Team Myanmar was telling the waitress that their soup was tasteless too. So it could be a day of coincidence that the chef didn’t add enough seasoning or perhaps, they need some more fine tuning

Lunch at Spicy Thai Thai Cafe, a sponsor of FSC15. Grabbed the friend to go down with me one weekend to try and I must say for a thai place at a rather ulu location, it serves pretty damn good thai food

Tom Yum Soup (red) $7

I think 2/3 the bowl is filled with seafood

The tom yum soup was spicy, and shiok and generous with lots of ingredients

Hommok $16

I love this thai style otah dish! Cooked with seafood and coconut meat, it was deliciously addictive and flavourful. What’s not to love when it’s served in a coconut husk?

Deep Fried Kang Kong $10

My first time trying fried kang kong. I can only say, I didn’t know fried kang kong can be so delicious

Lala Bee Hoon $18

We really love this. We had so much problems finishing the food cos there was an overwhelming amount of lala. The bee hoon was soaked in the beautiful seafood broth which was sweet and lovely

I think everyone should give this place a try, even though it’s at Aljunied

The famed Angelina cafe opens in Singapore. Stay close for the review!

ootd: Dress from Mango and Bag from Rebecca Minkoff

ootd: Dress from Thread Theory (and I love the smell of new leather :D)

ootd: Streetstyle denim and hi cut kind of day. Kicks from Nike

Caught Swan Lake with complimentary media tickets

I have to say, the set up of the play was grand and beautiful. The props were amazing and for first time ballet noobs like us, we were glad we read up on wikipedia to understand the plot if not we would be so lost. haha

Singapore has pretty sunset too, just a pity they are blocked by buildings

Look at the sky!

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