Malacca: The Daily Fix Cafe – A Cafe With Its Own Personality

When you think of Malacca, you think of Asam Laksa, Chendol, Penarakan food and Satay. But recently, there has been a number of cafes sprouting up as well. And one such cafe that settles on the stretch of the popular Jonker Walk is The Daily Fix cafe, hidden behind a retail shop. You will see the signboard placed prominently at the front of the shop, a sign not to be missed

That day when we were there, the weather was horrendous so when we stepped into the cool facade of the cafe, it was so welcoming. I like how the place speaks vintage yet tastefully decorated with old Penarakan charm

Ice Rose Latte RM12

Watermelon and Strawberry RM10.90

I thought the drinks were pretty good. The coffee though cold, has the strong aroma of the roast which was well balanced and smooth. And for those who would prefer non caffeine, the watermelon and strawberry juice was a refreshing drink for a very hot weather

Local Pandan Pancake RM12.90

The reason we visited the cafe, was to try their pandan pancake. The use of pandan in food is a very Asian thing. I like how the fragrance of the pandan was infused with the coconut and topped off with Malacca’s well known gula melaka to give that sweetness in a dessert

Durian Pancake RM13.90

Stuffed with thick durian cream topped with gula melaka

It would be better if they use real durian as stuffing, but that being said, the durian pancakes are still worth a try

Carrot Cake RM12

Their carrot cake is a worthy mention. It was actually pretty good. Even though it crumbles easily, the cake was light and moist and the taste of the carrot and walnut together was beautiful

The Daily Fix cafe is a good place to catch a break when you are met with unpleasant weather. It’s a cafe you will easily settle in, coupled with good desserts and drinks and also, a very clean toilet 😉

The Daily Fix Cafe

Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

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