475. Chotto Matte – Revisited

Brought the friends to Chotto Matte cos I was thinking about the wagyu fried rice after my last visit. We had similar dishes but added some more new things to try this time since I already knew what’s good to order. And I think we made the right choice!

What’s Japanese food without sake

Uni Tenpura

These tenpura are pretty interesting. Hokkaido sea urchin wrapped with seaweed and covered with a  light layer of dough. I like how crispy and light the first layer is, and balanced by the fragrance of the seaweed plus the sweetness of the sea urchin. Dip in some salt and the dish is a whole new story

Crispy Wings

Chicken wings are pretty normal, if not forgettable

Salmon Skin

These deep fried salmon skin were pretty good though the portion is rather small. It’s so crispy you might think you are eating keropok

Buta Kakuni

And the still-as-amazing Buta Kakuni made its appearance. It’s sinfully delicious

Wagyu Yakitori

The wagyu yakitori had the whole table raving, just thought we should have ordered another round of it. ha

Wagyu Shita

Wagyu tongue, was seasoned rather unproportionately. The tip was tasteless, to the fact you can taste the dried beef taste while the middle covered with salt and pepper. I think the wagyu fared better


Hiroshima oysters that give you a burst of saltness and sweetness

Ebi Kawa

Prawns with chicken skin. Somehow, they don’t taste as amazing this time round

Chirashi Don

The chirashi don was pretty good. Fresh and sweet slices of sashimi but I think it’s rather expensive at $48 a bowl

Wagyu Foagura Fried Rice

It is definitely on my to-order list. And it does not disappoint

Kagoshima Pork Belly Don

The rice though seasoned well, does not have the same fragrance as the wagyu fried rice. And the pork belly was a little tough as well. Nothing lost if you give this a miss

I think this cozy Japanese place is worth a visit if you know what to order. They serve some delicious dons and yakitori and is decent place to have some Japanese craving fixed

Chotto Matte

54 Blair Road S(089954)

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