474. Top Deck Singapore

The folks behind Habitat Coffee brings us a new cafe called Top Deck, located just above Habitat Coffee. I wouldn’t really call it a cafe, but more like a place for people to enjoy the space over a cup of coffee and takeaway cakes from Habitat Coffee. There was an entry charge of $5 per person and the first cup of coffee is complimentary on them, so well technically you are paying for the coffee and the cakes are priced individually.

Flat White


I enjoy the coffee here and they have nice latte art. It is aromatic and had the right balance of acidity, bitterness and sweetness. Velvety and smooth, it was wonderful to drink

Matcha Azuki

Though the topping on the cake looks a little strange and fake, the matcha azuki actually surprises. The matcha was smooth and light and it was not too sweet. The boss said they used top grade matcha, okay I believe them. haha

It is a good place to kill time, chill and chat with your friends if you are just looking for a space to enjoy. Or you can choose to study or work here if you run out of locations

Top Deck

223A Upper Thomson Road S(574355)

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