473. Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

After seeing so many photos on instagram on Pacamara, the friend and I decided to make our way down one sunny Saturday afternoon. The place was packed to the brim and there was a waiting list, and we were informed waiting time for the food will take at least 40-45 minutes. We were like woah, what a hype this cafe brings – it must be good. And so we decided to just join the queue and wait. Fortunately, we were seated in 5 minutes, and the food came in under 10 minutes

I like the clean, simple interior look that brings in the natural sunlight. It makes the cafe feels big and modern

And you can buy their coffee beans home

Cox’s Orange & Apple Juice

The juice really gives a punch in the face. It was sour, and definitely a good wake up drink to whoever that is feeling sleepy

White Coffee (5 oz)

The coffee was nutty and tasted rather monotone. There was a light fragrance but honestly, it was rather forgettable

Truffle Egg Benedict

The best part of this dish is the hollandaise sauce. The butter was balanced by the light truffle taste and mixed well with pepper to mask the gelat hollandaise taste. Egg was a little cooked, the ham tasted like ham and the brioche was dry

Truffle Fries

This was a first truffle fries that we had that tasted sweet. We had no idea if it was supposed to be like this or the chef mistook sugar for salt. And the taste of truffle was inexistent

Salted Caramel Banana French Toast

French toast that tasted like no other. The french toast was buttery instead of eggy and the salted caramel was so sweet they should name this dish The Diabetic Toast

We came with anticipation and left with disappointment. I don’t quite get what’s the hype about this place, probably cos it just looks good in picture. In anycase if you are looking for brunch in the area, there’s One Man Coffee, Old School Delights and Habitat Coffee down the street

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

185 Upper Thomson Road S(574333)

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