472. Sushi Jin

One of the new restaurants that was belted under Les Amis group recently opened its doors at One Farrer link, which is the walkway between the hotel and medical centre. You can find Nam Nam and Bakerzin there as well, though not many retail shops here at this point in time. Sushi Jin has 2 seating sections, the counter seats and the regular tables. And I always prefer seating at the counter where you can watch the chef at work, but this only works if you come with a small group of friends.

The restaurant was pretty empty during lunch time and it was rather scary. Decided to order one of their lunch set which includes salad, soup and dessert

Junmai Daiginjo (Ichigo)

Ordered sake as well and they brought out a whole tray of glasses for you to choose from. I should have requested to have a few more glasses with me so that I can differentiate the variation in taste, since the restaurant was empty anyway. In anycase, the sake was sweet at the brim but gets heavier and a little bitter when you reach the bottom of the glass. It would be interesting to see how the other glasses vary


Salad that was tossed in an appetising sauce mixed with ginger. I thought that was pretty refreshing

Truffle Seafood Chawanmushi

Chawanmushi topped with generous portion of seafood, though the taste of truffle wasn’t particularly strong. Sometimes you don’t need fanciful stuffs to taste good. You just need fresh ingredients with good cooking techniques #justsaying

Wagyu Don

I probably did the right choice by ordering the wagyu don. It’s so delicious. Thin slices of wagyu mixed with the onsen egg and tossed with truffle oil was just oh-so-amazing

I can eat this all day, everyday

Chocolate Icecream

And dessert to end the meal, which tasted like how chocolate icecream should taste. I read reviews that mentioned the disappointment in their sashimi but I still want to go back to try their kaisen don and hokkaido don, just cos the friend said it’s a must-try. And if you are there and not too sure what to order, just stick with the wagyu don. It won’t disappoint

Sushi Jin

1 Farrer Park Station Road, Owen Link

#01-11/12 S(217562)

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