471. Buona Terra

Buona Terra serves fine dining Italian cuisine off Scotts Road. Housed in a black and white colonial building, this restaurant is small and charming and the service staffs were pretty attentive. Was there on a weekday night and we see half of the restaurant being filled. We had the 4 course menu, where you can pick one each from antipasti, pasta/risotto, secondi and desserts or you can just mix whichever you prefer.

They gave me magazines to browse just cos the friend was not here. But perhaps the magazine was too atas for me to read. hahah

Warm bread and breadsticks to start. The breadsticks were nice to munch on, specially the sesame one which was really fragrant

Amuse Bouche: Parmesan cheese w Black Truffle Creme Brulee Topped w White Truffle

The creamy yet light flavour of cheese with faint taste of truffle topped with a big piece of truffle was a nice start to the meal. I enjoy the overall taste without it being too overpowering

Beef Tartare

The beef tartare was a special item off the menu which we got to try. Nicely seasoned and flavoured and topped with a mini yolk, it would be good if they could add a side of crostini or fries to go along

Scallop Tartare w Oscietra Caviar and Tomato Essence

The scallops were light and sweet. The tomato essence gave a faint taste of acidity which gave a different flavour to the dish, though I have to say the beef tartare fared a little better

Mediterranean Fish and Seafood Soup

Rich, flavourful, and very filling

Squid Ink Tonnarelli w Alaskan King Crab

The tonnarelli didn’t have much of the squid ink taste and the Alaskan King Crab didn’t give much comfort either. It was a pity the meat was overpowered by the sauce that you cannot really taste the natural sweetness

Linguine w Red Prawns

A normal, decent plate of linguine

Wild Line Seabass w Crispy White Polenta and Sweet Sour Onions

It was a pity the seabass had a fishy taste, but this was mainly due to the fish skin. But the dish, overall fared well. I like the polenta for being light and fragrant, and the crunchiness of the sweet onions that was mixed with pine nuts gave comfort to the fish

Pan Seared Atlantic Cod Fish w Parsley Crust w Porcini Mushrooms

The cod was pretty good. The fish melts in your mouth and the outer crust was pan seared really nicely

Classic Tiramisu w White Chocolate

Tiramisu was disappointing. I didn’t like the mascarpone cream here. It would have been better if it was lighter and the sponge fingers were too dry

Petite 4

Ended the meal with petite 4 to go with coffee or tea. Just some light and sweet pastry to end the meal on a positive note. I felt this place has some hits and misses. It’s decent but for a fine-dining restaurant, I would have expected a little more

Buona Terra

29 Scotts Road S(228224)

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