462. Les Amis

Since it was the friend’s birthday, we had the honour of dining at Les Amis’s chef table where you can peep into the kitchen and have the privacy of the small dining room. The 6 course menu was specially created by Chef Sebastian for the birthday girl and since there was nothing much that was required from us, we just sat back and waited for the food and wine to be served.

Sitting near the dessert area

Bread Basket

I love Les Amis bread basket, especially the baguette. It is so good I can just feast on them for the entire meal

Maine Lobster Bolero

First Course. The cold lobsters were taut, sweet and fresh though pairing it with mayo seems a little strange. It felt like you were eating a lobster roll or something similar. But it was a dish that was hard to fault

Mille-Feuille of Foie Gras w White Truffle

Second course. The foie gras were apparently of top grade and really expensive. But I think it was too top-grade for us that the girls don’t really know how to appreciate them. haha I mean it was not bad, you just need a different palate to appreciate them

Toasted Bread

But I have to say, the toasted bread complements the foie gras really well

Crispy Langoustine w Side Salad

Third course. I super love the langoustine here. It felt like you were eating a fried wanton, that has been elevated to a whole new level. You have to try this #yumyum

Cream of Asparagus Soup w Oysters & Ikura

Fourth course. There was nothing exceptional about this dish. The soup really tasted like asparagus and you can taste the seafood taste in the oysters. Though by then we were already full

Poached Halibut w Sakura Ebi & Langoustine Sauce

Fifth course. We kinda regretted trying halibut. Don’t get me wrong. The chef did an excellent job executing this dish but I guess we just didn’t like the texture of the fish. It was too flaky and there wasn’t much sweetness from the fish itself. Pairing it with the langoustine sauce was smart since the fish was pretty boring by itself.

Chef Cheryl’s Special Chestnut Dessert

Sixth course. This was the table’s favourite. It was good old-style dessert that was done so beautifully.

Happy Birthday Z!

Chocolate Tart

This (complimentary) chocolate tart is to die for. I love how they add hazelnuts to the tart that gave a a different contrast to the whole dessert

Madeleine for the coffee

The madeleines have nothing to fault with either. It was a good old French pastry

 and finally, Latte

By the time we finished our coffee, we were so full from having a 2.5 hours lunch. It was my second time back at Les Amis and I like the meal better this time round. Maybe cos the menu was more specialised or the food fits us better this time round. But for being one of Asia’s top restaurant, this is what Les Amis has to offer

Les Amis

#02-16, Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road S(228208)

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