458. Royal Pavilion @ Park Regis

I realise Chinese restaurants really like to infuse strong Chinese decorations in their designs. The recent one I went to at Royal Pavilion, located at the newly furnished Park Regis Hotel is also one such example. The place wasn’t crowded since we were early but the crowd slowly crept in and it seemed too much to handle for the staffs later on. We were there for dim sum lunch since the cousin mentioned they serve pretty decent dim sum.

Appetizer: Guava w Orange Peel

The guava and orange peel was refreshing and appetising, different from your usual peanuts appetizer

Royal Smoked Duck

We ordered their signature smoked duck. The taste of the smokiness was evident and it followed through when you take a bite of the meat but the skin was really oily (like really oily) and the meat was tough. We were told that the chefs couldn’t get used to the new machine and are still figuring the right cooking method. I find the reason abit strange. Shouldn’t you make sure you know your machine well enough before you present your dishes to your customers?

Siew Mai

I like the siew mai here. The meat was springy and firm. It was a good normal basket of siew mai

Steamed Prawn Dumpling

The prawn dumplings were decent, but I think the skin can afford to be a little thinner

Steamed Chicken Claws w Black Bean Sauce

Deep Fried Beancurd Skin

The deep fried beancurd skin is probably by far one of the worst I’ve eaten. So oily, skin was a little thick and the prawns were just so small and little

Deep-fried Prawns & Banana in Seaweed Roll

This was strange. Prawns, seaweed and banana mayo just don’t go together. I had expected more when I ordered this dish

Carrot Cake w “Lao Gan Die” Chili Sauce

The carrot cake was really fragrant. It exhibits a strong wok hei taste which makes me feel like I was eating char kway teow for some reason

Mini Egg Tarts

Flaky, buttery, eggy and sweet

Baked Swiss BBQ Snow Bun

I’m quite impressed by the BBQ snow bun. It was baked perfectly and the sweetness of the char siew went very well

Custard Bun

I like the custard egg yolk but not the bun. I felt like the bun was too moist and mushy. It felt like they didn’t steam the buns long enough

Century Pork & Lean Meat Porridge

I have to mention their porridge was pretty bland and we only see century egg but no lean meat. The friend was like is this century egg & lean meat porridge? lol

Well, sad to conclude their standard dropped and they have to choose a day when I visit. I wouldn’t say it is one of the worst dim sum I’ve eaten but it is indeed disappointing they were not up to their usual standards. And looking at their menu again, their dim sums are really nothing special to begin with.

Royal Pavillion

23 Merchant Road, Level 1, S(058268)

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