457. Super Loco

The friend wanted to try Mexican food so here we are at Super Loco, located at Robertson Quay. The restaurant is actually nearer to Studio M and the rainbow bridge so it would be better if you alight at Miramar hotel and walked towards Robertson Quay. It wasn’t very crowded when we met at 6, with plenty of tables still available. What I didn’t like were the seats, as they were not exactly the most comfortable. The deco of the restaurant was vibrant and funky. I guess they wanna live up to the colorful Mexican culture.

Aquas Frescas

Strawberry fresh fruit cocktail w cucumbers

Well, I don’t think strawberry and cucumbers are the best combination but this cocktail gave a refreshing taste which I thought it was pretty nice

Mexican Soda

I have to say this was strange..


Grilled corn w mayo, chilli & cotija cheese

I never thought grilled corn and cheese tasted this good. It was amazing

Ceviche de Pulpo

Octopus ceviche w squid ink and smoked paprika

I didn’t really like the ceviche. The octopus was a little chewy and the flavours were safe and normal

Halfway through dinner we decided to have a group photo, and look at the photobombers. It was hilarious

Baja Fish Taco

Beer battered snapper w mango salsa

I would root for the taco, unconditionally. The fish was nicely fried and the salsa was explosive in your mouth

Taco de Chorizo

Chorizo and braised beef w chipotle salsa

The chorizo was pretty good too, just burnt, juicy and flavourful

Quesadilla de Pollo

Marinated chicken quesadilla

It was disappointing. The quesadilla was not bad, but neither was it fantastic

Costillas de Cerdo

Honey-glazed pork ribs

We waited quite a long time for this and by the time it came, the dish was cold/a little warm. It felt like they have left it in the kitchen for a very long time. Taste-wise, it was pretty ordinary though the pork ribs were tender and easy to eat

Melado de Maiz Dulce

Salted caramel w sweet corn icecream w caramel popcorn

I realised they have alot of corn-infused dishes for their desserts and this was one of them. The icecream was good, and the caramel popcorn was a pretty garnish

Super Churros

I must say the churros here are pretty good. The diameter of the churros was just nice and I like how the dough is consistent and fluffy. Though the strawberry sauce is just out of the place and the chocolate sauce is too dense and too bitter

This place has it ups and downs. I wouldn’t say the food is outstanding but I probably wouldn’t mind dropping by for Mexican food if I’m in the area. Just maybe, order the right stuffs next time

Ended the night at Laurent Bernard cos we needed cakes. Happy Birthday girls! 🙂

Super Loco

The Quayside

60 Robertson Quay #01-03 S(238252)

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