443. Legendary Hong Kong @ Jurong Point

It was a very rare occasion to be at Jurong Point since we don’t normally venture to the west. And while we were there, we decided to check out Legendary Hong Kong to see how similar the food is to the ones in HK. The shopping street at Jurong Point 2 on level 3 was a Hong Kong street theme inspired by Mongkok in well, Hong Kong. I have to admit it does give a little HK feel with all the bright billboards and all. And the exterior of the restaurant certainly does bring memories of the char chang tengs there.

Do not be fooled by the colourful signs, Legendary Hong Kong is the only restaurant there (how can?!)

The line to go in was crazily long but thank goodness it moved really fast

A for effort in creating the char chang teng feel

Honey & Pomelo Tea, Ice Milk Tea & 7-up with Salty and Fresh Lemon

Drinks were normal. The ice milk tea simply tastes like teh peng, Singapore style

Custard Crust Bun w Butter

Didn’t try this but the friends say this was disappointing

Pan-fried Beancurd Skin w Shrimps

I make it a point to order this at every dim sum place I dine at cos it’s my fav dim sum dish. But this, was average at most. I think I can find better pan-fried beancurd skins in other dim sum restaurants in Singapore

Siew Mai

The siew mais had the HK feel w the chewy pork and crunchy texture but, it was not the best

Wanton Soup

The wantons were not bad, though we were confused whether they were wantons or shrimp dumplings

Roasted London Duck

The flavour of the duck was good. Though it’s fatty, oily and not very meaty

Scrambled Eggs w Prawns

The dish was mediocre, lacking in sweetness of the eggs and prawns

Pan-fried Tofu stuffed with Minced Pork

I think our mums can probably cook this same dish and excel even better

Pan-fried Crispy Noodles w Shredded Beef & Preserved Vegetables

The only comfort here was the preserved vegetables

Maybe our expectations were just too high but we certainly were not impressed. Legendary Hong Kong was far from legendary and not worth a try.  To put it sadly, it was at most a rank better than Xin Wang HK Cafe

Legendary Hong Kong

Jurong Point 2 Shopping Center
63 Jurong West Central 3 #03-80
Singapore (648331)

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