444. Old Hen Coffee Bar

Old Hen Coffee Bar is one of the newer faces to the cafe scenes located at Rangoon road. The cafe is operated by 3 brothers though I don’t know how the name relates to them. It’s a cute name though (pok pok keh) okay nevermind I digress. Interior of the cafe is clean and simple. Tables are wooden (yay), decorated with a simple bottle of flowers and sunlight fills the place up. One thing to note the ventilation is quite bad, you’ll leave the place stinking of the breakfast smell.

More breakfast choices. But I didn’t have the stomach cos I was cafe hopping that morning

I think the sign was supposed to be outside the shop but the owners didn’t have time to bring it out cos they opened late that day

White Coffee (3oz)

Waited quite long for the coffee cos the machine ran into problems. The owners were apologetic and even offered another drink. Thumbs up for the service. The coffee menu here is simple. Black, white or cold brew. The coffee they served was strong, a little acidic but easy to drink. Will definitely give the cold brew a try the next time round

Buttermilk Waffles w Berries & Greek Yoghurt

I honestly think yoghurt and waffles just don’t go together. The waffles here are decent but could have been better, fluffier and with different toppings

Life’s simple pleasures. Just a cup of coffee and waffles to enjoy the weekend away

I think Rangoon road is bursting with cafes. Sitting right next to Old Hen is La’Coffee Cafe that opened few weeks ago. With the number of cafes opening there, I think the area might just become the next Jalan Besar

Old Hen Coffee Bar

88 Rangoon Road, #01-03 S(218374)

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  1. annie says:

    haha, that bean love is so cute 🙂


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