442. Sufood Singapore

I don’t think there are many vegetarian restaurants in Singapore so it’s good that we are having more of it. Sufood is a collaboration between Singapore’s Putien and Taiwan’s largest food operator Wowprime so it is not surprising we find many Taiwanese dining there when we were there as well. The interior of the place was simple and small but the restaurant was lined with people with reservations waiting for their tables to be ready. Service was really good though they might seem a little short of manpower during dinner service.

We decided to go for the set menu which was Italian-inspired with cross fusion at $25++ which I thought it seems pretty reasonable

The Sufood Appetizer

A delicate trio of poached Japanese yuca root drizzled with a blueberry coulis, a stack of oriental, white water snowflake greens and a savoury cherry tomato jelly

Honestly, I only like the cherry tomato jelly. The other 2 just seem a little strange to me

Rosemary Breadstick w Sweet Mustard Dip

I thought the rosemary breadstick could use more of the rosemary cos it seems a little bland on its own, but when you paired with the mustard dip, it was really good

Starter: Mushroom Salad

We both chose the mushroom salad. Just lots of mushroom with lots of garlic

Soup: Root Soup

Burdock root, lotus root and cashew nuts, stewed in a light vegetable broth

I have to say the root soup tastes different from your lotus root soup at home. This was really light but still tasted wonderful

Soup: Cream of Pumpkin Soup

I love my pumpkin soup. It was a good ordinary tasty pumpkin soup

Mains: Baked Potato Al Funghi

The friend had the mushrooms as main course. The baked potato was delicious and the seasoning was perfect

Steamed King Oyster mushrooms drizzled with Italian herb vinaigrette and a slice of baked potato, topped with stir-fried Button mushrooms

The mushrooms, tasted very mushroomy. I didn’t like the texture of it but if you are a fan of mushrooms, you should probably give this a try

Mains: Star Pizza

A golden star-shaped pizza, filled with oyster mushrooms, cream cheese and mustard sauce. Topped with salted seaweed

This was amazing. The thin crust was baked perfectly and the sauce was very appetising. I’m glad I requested the wasabi to be served at the side if not I would probably not enjoyed the dish as much

Desserts: Sesame Panna Cotta

The 2 layers just don’t go together. It felt like I was eating a thin layer of sesame paste and a panna cotta which was too milky

Drink: The Tropical

It felt like a combination of apple, pear and watermelon

Osmanthus Flower Jelly and The Ashitaba

The flower jelly was very sweet, and.. just very sweet. haha It’s probably a good cheer-you-up dessert. The drink on the other hand was a refreshing take on Ashitaba tea leaves added with aloe vera and honey

Actually I’m not very sure if I know how to appreciate vegetarian food since there are very little elements for you to work around with. And to create an outstanding dish based on limited food products is just tough. But I’m glad there’s just another place in Singapore that caters to the minority and be rest assured, this place will probably be packed on the 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar month

Sufood Singapore

Raffles City Shopping Centre

252 North Bridge Road #02-19

Singapore 179103

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