441. Lola’s Cafe

Finally paid a visit to the famous Lola’s cafe or rather to try their famous chicken wings. Located in Kovan area, it’s a plus point for those living in the north-east area (yay) but since the cafe is really tiny, they don’t accept reservations on weekends. The friend and I decided to meet at 10am and were so fortunate to get into their first seating. And since we were sitting outside, we heard many customers were told the waiting time is at least an hour. Omg I might have died of hunger by then plus, 10am at Kovan – what’s there to walk?


The mocha had a velvety chocolate taste which was smooth and thick

Organic Chai Tea Latte

A very pretty cup of Chai Tea Latte that tastes as good as it looks. The Chai Tea was very fragrant though it actually tastes more milky than anything else

Lola’s Full Monty Breakfast

The eggs were good (look at the cheese!), sausage was a little dry, bacon was coated with honey and salad was strange. It felt like they used supermarket’s salad or something along those line

Truffle Fries

They ran out of shoestring fries, so it was served thick-cut. Not that I mind, but the fries were short of truffle taste. It was just normal fries in my opinion. No loss if you give this a miss

Honey Paprika Crispy Wings

The bomb. Cos it’s so good, it deserves another shot. Honey, spice, and everything crispy and nice, they just taste wonderful. My friend joked if she stayed around here, she’ll probably dabao their wings everyday

It’s nice to have cafes popping up in neighbourhood area so we don’t have to specially make foot to places just for brunch. I hope Lola’s expand their space soon, just for the benefit of those who live around the area and for those who specially make a trip down just for their chicken wings. Just looking at the picture makes me hungry – yumyum. BUT, I have to add I was really thirsty for the next few hours and I have no idea which part of their food caused that so.. just drink lots of water after that.

Lola’s Cafe

5 Simon Road S(545893)

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  1. pearlsbounce says:

    The wings look yum!


    1. irisslove says:

      They really are! 🙂


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