405. Blu Kouzina

I always wanted to try this place so when the friend gave me a choice to choose for my birthday lunch, I jumped at the opportunity. Haha I know, I’m still at my birthday post at this point of time. It felt like an emperor celebrating his birthday or something. Lol

The weather was scorching hot that day, so the cooling interior provided a very much needed welcome. The place was nicely decorated, or should I say, uniformly decorated in one colour. It has a hint of Mediterranean flavour, and having a meal here felt like holidaying in Greece.

Complimentary Bread

Freshly home-made bread that was so hot it almost burnt our tongues. It felt like a baguette kind of texture. Hard & crispy on the outside, soft & fluffy on the inside

Pita Bread

Soft, warm and beautifully burnt. The chili powder and salt gave a contrasting taste to the chewy texture. Probably one of the best pita bread I had

Feta Psiti

Sliced feta cheese grilled w oregano & extra virgin olive oil

Wasn’t really what we expected. We thought it was the grilled feta cheese so we got a surprise when this came. Being not a personal fan of cheese, I like how this cheese doesn’t really have the cheesy taste, and it tastes good with the bread

Bifteki Stin Sxara

Beef patties w lemon, onions, tomatoes and roasted potatoes

This dish was a little on the salty side. Didn’t particularly fancy it. And the portion of the patty was crazily big, such that we couldn’t finish it

Paidakia Stin Sxara

Lamp chops w patates tiganites & vegetable of the day

A must order. Went for medium rare though it felt more like medium. That being said, the meat was juicy and tender


Filo pastry filled w walnuts & home made syrup

I like the pastry. Separated, light and crispy. The only thing I couldn’t appreciate was the home made syrup, which was sweeter than maple syrup and honey combined

I would love to go back again. Dining here makes you enjoy the environment as much as authentic Mediterranean fare, The only downside was, it’s a little too out of the way for me 😦

Blu Kouzina

893 Bukit Timah Road, S(589615)

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