334. Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar

Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar sits quietly at Dorsett Residence. The place isn’t exactly big, but it was spacious and the space between tables was not intruding. A very good place to just chill the day away, but that would only be possible if the food were a little bit better.

Prices are pretty reasonable in here


The latte was a little different than the usual. It tasted very sour towards the end, my guess was they used a different type of beans which I didn’t particularly favour.

Jalapeño Bacon Mac & Cheese

Very dry, very confusing

It’s like macaroni and.. crumbles

Garlic Prawns

Garlic was over-fried, and not fragrant enough. It was like a barely hit, and miss dish

Flank Steak

I like the bread. It was very crispy. I asked for medium rare for the doneness but it felt more like well done. And the fries, were just over-fried to the point they tasted like crackers

Teddy’s 100% US Beef Burger

The bread was very dry and tasteless. Patty was alright but the friend didn’t like it, at all

Mushroom Cheddar Beef Burger

Raspberry Apple Crumble

I guess it’s true when they say expect the unexpected,  but this was really unexpected in the disappointing way. It felt like eating a bowl of dry and sour desserts with crumbles. #everythingjustusecrumbles This place would have done better if they put in a little more effort

Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar

331 New Bridge Road

#01-02 Dorsett Residence S(088764)

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