320. Gyu-Kaku

Met up with a friend who wanted to have some awesome food before he leaves for Aussie so he chose grilled meat. We had wanted to patronise the one located at CHIJMES but sadly it was closed for renovation so we ended up at UE square. The place probably won’t seem like a grilled meat place to you. It was unusually atas, unlike Aburiya or Ao-chan which was more casual.

Jozen sake

Grilled meat and sake = perfect combination!

We went for Warai set so we could try a little bit of everything with an additional order of Wagyu prime Jo Karubi. I think you should always try the Jo Karubi of every yakiniku place. This part of the meat is fatty, tender and juicy #yumsyums


Korean Cucumbers

I realised yakiniku places do really like to serve Korean dishes

Horenso w Tomato Salad

Absolutely delicious

Assorted Sausage w Bacon

Pretty.. normal

Ishinyaki Bibimbap

Dry and tasteless

Ebi Foil w Basil Garlic

Kobe Wagyu Tongue, Tajima Wagyu Rump Cap, Rangers Valley Wagyu Nakaochi, Lamp Chop & US Kurobuta Belly

Wagyu Prime Jo Karubi

Grilled to perfection

Medium well πŸ™‚

In all thoughtfulness, they provide a bib for you to wear

Karugoma Icecream

Milk Pudding

This is really good

I guess the best part of Gyu-Kaku was the service. They were really attentive throughout the whole dinner, making sure everything was alright, explaining to you and if needed, helping you to cook. The cuts were alright. Yes they are fresh but somehow it didn’t leave an impression on me. I guess the most memorable was the lamb chop and the Jo Karubi. Sad to say, it won’t be a place I’ll recommend for casual dinner cos the price here is so expensive (psst. It’s double of Aburiya) it’ll probably be worthy of a special occasion. So after trying Ao-Chan, Aburiya and Gyu-Kaku, it’s still Aburiya anytime. For good charcoal grilled meat, fresh & reasonable, it’s definitely the place to try.

Do read about Ao-Chan and Aburiya if you want to find out more! πŸ™‚


UE Square Shopping Mall, Clemenceau Avenue S(239917)

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