293. Sabai Fine Thai

Sabai Thai isn’t new though I’m always curious why is this place always crowded since it’s not very cheap to start with. But honestly, it proves to be a pretty popular business lunch place being situated in the financial district and I finally get to dine there one day.

Ice Lemongrass Tea

Dtom Yam Gung, Pla

Tom yum soup w prawns. Went for per bowl portion instead of the pot since not everyone loves tom yum goong. The soup was okayy, they could have done a little better with a lil bit more spice.

Gai Hor Bai Toey

Deep fried chicken in pandan leaves. This was soo good! The chicken was crispy, tender and very flavourful. Would definitely recommend to give this dish a try.

Pak Pak Ruam Nahm-Mun-Hoey

Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce. Well just some veggies to go along.

Pat Gaprao Moo

Stir fry basil pork. I always tend to order basil pork whenever I dine at Thai places to determine the restaurant’s standard. And I can firmly say this dish is everyone’s favourite.

Pla Kao Sam Rod, Ratt Prik, Tawd Gratiem

Deep Fried Garoupa Fillet w 3 Flavoured Sauce. It’s safe & boring

Kao Niew Maamuang

Mango Sticky Rice. Probably the best mango sticky rice I’ve tried in Singapore. The mangoes were so sweet and the rice was cooked just right so even though we were pretty full by then, we managed to wipe off the entire plate.

I guess this place has its hits and misses. For one, a meal of >$50 per pax for Thai food is rare, considering this was only lunch. But since it places itself as a fine dining establishment and focuses on business associates, I guess they probably took that into consideration. Though the food was good, I think there is always a better place out there. But if you looking for one place in the financial district for business lunch, this is probably the closest you can get.

Sabai Fine Thai on The Bay

70 Collyer Quay

#01-02 Customs House S(049323)

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