292. Senor Taco (Chijmes) (Closed)

A catchup with the colleagues ended up at this place at Chijmes. Chijmes looks really messy w all the renovation going on right now. So we are glad this is probably one of the few restaurants that is still operational. Was actually quite surprised the place was pretty crowded on a weekday night.

Classic Nachos

Mexican Chicken Stew

It came w the wraps but we found it strange to have the stew together w the wrap, beans and onions. It felt like we are eating an over drenched popiah. It was so difficult to finish the whole thing in one mouth without being messy about it. And the worse part? We found a 1cm silver staple looking thing in the pot which the colleague almost swallowed.

 Pork Burrito

Honestly, I felt like I was eating the same thing for the whole 3 dishes. I guess Mexican beans are their staple, like how Koreans & their kimchi. So it actually does not give much variation to the whole meal in my opinion. Maybe we didn’t order the right dishes, or perhaps I just don’t know how to appreciate Mexican food. As much you can guess, I probably won’t return anytime but for those who love Mexican food, you’ll be glad to know they had another new outlet at Clarke Quay.

Senor Taco

Chijmes 30 Victoria Street #01-18/19/20


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