288. Grub @ Bishan Park

I finally get to try this place! yayyy! Cos I’ve heard of the 1 hour impending wait for a table, I kept postponing my visit. But since the friend happened to be on leave that day, we made him go queue for us in advance (muahaha) Anyways, this place was so difficult to navigate, especially for those who were there for the first time. I didn’t know you have to come from Sin Ming Avenue so we were kinda lost. Luckily a (equally) lost soul gave us a ride since he was going to the same place. So here’s it!

Lots of mozzies 😦

And we observed no matter what time you are there, there’s always a queue outside but we concluded it was due to the slow service which resulted in such a long wait.

Chili con carne

Corn chips w sour cream. It gets more addictive as you go.

Slow Roasted Pork Belly w Mango sauce, mash & tomato salsa

It’s kinda strange. Imagine fried pork belly w mango sauce. It’s.. really strange in my opinion. But sauce aside, we love the pork belly and the 2 friends cleaned up the mash

Ooh, look at how perfect the meat is. Pinkish white like how it should be 😉

Crispy Fish Burger

Which was what they are famous for. Burgers were pretty tasteless but I enjoyed the fish. Feels like they were trying to remake fillet-o-fish burger. Fries wasn’t fantastic either.

GRUB Cheeseburger

Probably a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect the cheeseburger to taste so good. The patty was juicy and tender though it’s strange they didn’t ask how well you want it to be done. Maybe they just decide upon the wellness themselves. hmmm but anyway for that kinda price, it’s so worth it.

Churros w Dark Chocolate & Tangy Creme Anglaise

They were different. The dough inside was soft which I didn’t like. Chocolate could be denser, it was too diluted. And the cream sauce was just.. weird. And we waited 45 mins for the churros. Yawnss

Honestly, they serve pretty decent food. But they had manpower shortage. Kitchen was understaffed and the servers couldn’t handle the peak period. So which eventually caused diners waiting an hour or more before they have a table. I think the setting adds to the factor too. People who come here would just want to take it slow and enjoy their food and the day. Cos it’s a park, i don’t think they are rushed to go off anytime as compared to being in a restaurant. Perhaps they should consider expanding and hiring more people. But if you are in the area and have the patience, do visit Grub. It’s cheap and good.

Grub Singapore (Bishan Park)

510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, S(569983)

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