287. Windowsill Pies (Moved)

I think it’s more difficult to find pies in Singapore as compared to tarts/cakes. So this quaint lil cafe next to Jalan Besar cafe sure stands out. Not just it was located at a very ulu place,  but the exterior of the place is so cute. I was there during lunch so the place wasn’t crowded and it’s surprisingly big inside.

Earl Grey Creme

S’mores, Banana Almond Brittle & Coconut lime vodka

Love all 3 pies. I think my favourite gotta be the banana almond brittle. Well if you are a fan of banana, you sure gotta love this piece. The vodka lime is pretty good too. Though the taste of vodka didn’t really stand out as compared to other components. S’mores was very very chocolatey.

They have many other interesting pies as well. For those who are interested, here’s the place!

Windowsill In The Woods

78 Horne Road, S(209078)

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