268. The Black Swan @ Cecil Street

I have always wanted to try this place since it opened and I finally found the chance to be there. SO yes, I was very excited. hee. The people behind TBS are the same people behind The White Rabbit so definitely, I had a certain expectation of the food and I’m glad to say it didn’t disappoint. They took much effort to every details, even the interior was so pretty w high ceilings and all. Just throw in a grand chandelier and you might have mistakingly stepped into The Great Gatsby.

Wanted to order the Katama Bay oysters but they didn’t have them. So they gave us another kind which is of similar taste & texture

And it was really good. It was taut & sweet with a taste of saltiness. Add a lil lemon to it and viola!


Wild mushroom, homemade bacon jam & mozzarella

This was a delight. The bread was crispy but not hard. The mushrooms were well seasoned and the cheese was perfect.

Crab Salad

I was kinda expecting the jap kind of crab salad so when this came, it was a surprise. A pleasant one I would say. I love how the fruits add to the flavours and the crab was sweet and tasty.

Grain Fed Tenderloin

The portion was a lil small. But it was good. Tender and juicy. Fries were pretty normal

The Black Swan Burger

Probably the best burger I’ve eaten till date. It was so awesome the next day I still thought about it. LOL. Request for extra cheese, you will not be disappointed.

For the price we paid, I say it was damn reasonable. The only downside, service was very slow. And ‘very’ is an understatement. It was slow to the point frustration gonna come knocking. Yet, this place is worth another visit. And definitely a place to visit in the CBD area. So make your reservation and head on down.

*Reservation is HIGHLY recommended*

The Black Swan

19 Cecil Street, S(049704)

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