267. Spathe Public House

Went on a brunch date with A and found ourselves at Spathe Public House eventually. Had always wanted to try the food there so was glad I finally had the chance! Place wasn’t very crowded but it was full house at some point. So we were glad we were just moments earlier since we did not have reservations.

Cafe Latte

I think Common Man serves better coffee

Garlic fries

A loves this alot. But I thought it could have just a little bit more of garlic taste. Just a lil bit more and it would be perfect. And I love it when eateries are not stingy with their fries. Come on, the cost for fries is like how low. Be generous with your servings.

Belgian Waffle w Crispy Chicken Leg

Something new & different for a waffle. You probably expect a sweet waffle more than a savoury one. But I love the chicken leg. It was good. The waffle on the other hand was abit strange. It was too light and airy to my liking. If the batter was a bit denser and sweeter, it would be awesome

Spathe Slam

It’s just BIG breakfast. haha probably one of the better big breakfast I’ve tried. The best part was the bacon. It was deep fried to the right crispiness yet it was not hard. whoo 🙂

It’s one place worth going. If robertson quay has nowhere to go, you can visit Spathe. It’s just nearby.

Spathe Public House

8 Mohammed Sultan Road S(238958)

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