244. Ramen Keisuke Tori King

HAH. FInally got to try this ramen place after repeated whinings, okay maybe not really. So I’m glad I had a good dinner after a really tiring day. The one I tried, is located at 100 AM or previously known as Amara Shopping Centre where their soup base is the chicken stock as compared to the other outlet where they use pork.

They only seat everyone when the whole party is here so my poor friends have to wait for me. OOPS SORRY

So the order goes like this: You make your own ramen, from the oiliness of the soup, to the thickness of the noodles. And since it was my first time there, I decided to just go with ‘normal’ for everything. And then you can have your free flow of beansprouts & eggs!

It’s normal hard boiled eggs. haha but.. since it’s free, we are not complaining 🙂

Grinding the sesame seeds

Totally a good stress reliever exercise. lol

Black Spicy Tori Ramen w Flavoured Egg

The egg is really goood.

Tori King Ramen Special (with All Toppings)

Had a huge shock at the gigantic seaweed. haha but I really like this whole bowl of ramen. Maybe cos you can personlise it to your own taste & preference. I generally don’t like oily soup base so this one suits me perfectly well. And with the big piece of drumlet, it will definitely leave you feeling full & satisfied.

My friend had the identical same one and complained feeling so indigested the next day. haha honestly speaking, this is really pretty filling.


Japanese Green Tea Cola

Heard of it before? It’s okay, there’s really nothing special about it. haha it tastes like cola, but not that heavy. It’s misleading isnt it? 🙂

Maybe one day, I’ll go and try their pork base ramen. Till then!

Ramen Keisuke Tori King

100 AM,

100 Tras Street, #03-15

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