243. Tai Hwa Bar Chor Mee (Hill Street)

I know this post is about bar chor mee but lemme digress abit. haha since I haven’t been updating my instagram photos so I shall do a few ootd (not like I have many outfits to show) and random photos.


Dress: ASOS

I really love asos stuffs, like 1/3 of my wardrobe is probably from there. haha


Got this pretty babies from shopbob.com

So pretty aren’t they? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

IMG_5623Jumper: Zara

Sandals: House of Harlow

My first jumper cos I dont look good in them in the past. hahaha πŸ™‚


Feel v accomplished whenever I do my own nails


W my cousins at my fav usual tea place. It’s a place where only a few know cos I love this place so much it became our secret hangout. haha


Brunch @ symmetry

It’s gonna be one of my fav brunch places from now on. Stay close for the review!


I told my friends to help me get masks from Korea and TADA. I LOVE MY AWESOME FRIENDS. hahaha I shall use them and review which is the better few

So anyways that’s it for my instagram posts. You can follow me @irisg and hopefully, you don’t get bored out by me. haha anyway went on a shopping spree one day and bought 7 pieces of clothes on the day itself *inserts a horror face* HAHA okay no more shopping this month. And I feel like my hair needs a treatment soon. Okay enough rambling, back to the topic of bar chor mee!

Honestly, I have never heard of tai hwa bar chor mee before. Call me a frog in the well. Until one day my friend was talking about it and so, I set out on a mission to try it no matter what. So yes, we queued 45 mins for this bowl of noodles. And with everyone’s mentality that since we are already there at the place and have alr queued for so long, we might as well get the bigger portion + dumpling soup. Sighs, stupid mentality.

Here’s the coffee shop! I didn’t have a chance to take the stall but it’s at the corner and you cannot miss it cos the queue is forever there. lol

My 45 mins worth.

Dumpling soup

Will I recommend the soup? Not really, it tastes exactly the same as the small bowl of soup they offer just that they have well, dumplings in them. But the dumplings have a distinct taste in them like the burnt kind of taste just that we couldn’t figure out what was that.

So the friend ordered the $8 (on the left) and I took the $6. This guy came up to us and asked how much we ordered and what’s the difference. I told him, oh just one more meatball one more dumpling and more noodles. He repeated the same sentence to his friends who were sitting down and queuing. HAHA. Gosh, so amused. But seriously, even with the $6 portion, I couldn’t finish the whole bowl.

The noodles are not bad, but I don’t know if I will queue 45 mins for them again. I guess what’s so special about them is the use of black vinegar in their noodles. But that day, with this noodles on one hand and a cup of hot milo on the other, I had my cravings very satisfied. haha it felt like my life was complete. lol

So for those who are interested to try that once in your lifetime, here’s the address!

Tai Hwa Eating House

466 Crawford Lane, #01-12

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