242. A for Arbite (Closed)

I’m sooo tired. Work has been taking a toll on me and I finally got time for myself this week. This is not my first time blogging about A for Arbite so I shall cut to the chase. Tried ordering different stuffs this time after being there so many times already. So we had the following!

Truffle fries w truffle mayo

We couldn’t resist after the next table came w their order. And I think the boss totally gave up & decided to put this on their menu. hahaha but really, it’s good.

Sea salt caramelized bananas pancakes

I prefer the Serangoon’s plating as the one here is deconstructed so you can’t really taste everything in one go but it’s the fav among my friends

Squid Ink Seafood Fettuccine

I like how the seafood is very very fresh but I thought the dish was just alright

Crayfish w clams pasta

Honestly, nothing special

And when desserts came, I had a heart attack. haha

Whatever happened to Edith’s Mess?

It’s really a complete mess this time round. And nope, it was not meant to be like this. You can compare it to my previous visit. It’s such a BIG difference!

So.. I was pretty disappointed this time round and I don’t think I’m going back anytime soon. AHEM. I still prefer the serangoon one, really.

A for Arbite

28 Aliwal Street, #01-01

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