241. Founder Bak Kut Teh (Rangoon Road)

Cos the friend wanted to have bak kut teh, I suggested going to Founder’s since it’s Jay Chou fav bkt stall in Singapore and also, I have never tried before. The bak kut teh here is the white base pepper kind. I think I don’t really have any strong preference for white or black bkt cos as long as it tastes good, they have won me over. haha so anyways, was glad there isn’t much crowd on a weekday and the place was located a stone throw away from Farrer’s Park mrt (It’s near Jewel Coffee!)

All the celebrities that were here before, and there were really alot.

And to prove my point, here’s Jay Chou. haha apparently, he would always order bkt from them whenever he’s here.

yums yums

Love the soup, but not so much on the pork ribs

Their intestine soup is simply wonderful. The ingredients were fresh so there was no stale smell or taste and the lean pork was smooth and tender to taste. But I prefer the bkt soup to this. haha

With a bowl of fried you tiao to go along. The you tiao is really fresh & crispy, not too oily like how some bkt stalls would offer. It really goes well with the soup.

I actually prefer the large intestine (the hollow & soft one) to this (the weird & powdery one) but too bad, they don’t serve that so oh wells.

WHAT A FEAST! (For 2 pax. lol)

Overall, I think this is pretty good. Would definitely come back some day again. It’s worth a revisit. 😉

Founder Bak Kut Teh

154 Rangoon Road 

Singapore 218431

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