237. Ivins Peranakan @ Binjai Park

Always see my friend dining at this place so I requested for her to bring me there one day. Ivins is a peranakan restaurant located at the quiet neighbourhood of Binjai park. So we braved the haze and went down and surprisingly, that area is super clear. Very strange if you ask me. Anyways, here’s the food!

It’s a very kopitiam style of place

Salted Veg Duck Soup

I like salted veg alot, which is probably why I like this dish very much too

Nonya Chap Chye

I think there’s too much garlic in the broth. It’s a very clean, simple and healthy dish

Curry chicken

I like how the curry is well balanced. It makes you wanna drink the curry like this.

Though the dishes are pretty good, it doesn’t really scream wow. But it’s definitely friendly on the pocket, so unless I’m in the area, I probably won’t specially make a trip down for this.

Ivins Peranakan

21 Binjai Park

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