236. Beer Thai Restaurant @ Golden Mile Complex

It’s gonna be my fav thai food at Golden Mile. I like it cos it’s cheap, good & authentic though the complex can be a little dodgy but oh wells, for the love of food. haha ā¤ I never knew of the existence of this place till my colleagues brought me there for lunch, and so I have been introducing to my friends.

A little hidden behind

The awesome Thai Ice Milk Tea

Tom Yum Soup in Clear Broth

Basil Minced Pork

I tried both their pork and chicken version and I must say pork wins hands down šŸ˜‰

Pandan Chicken

Prawn Omelette

Another dish that you should try is Sambal Kangkong cos it’s so damn spicy it’s worse than tom yum soup. LOL but that’s how I like my Thai food to be, the spicier the better. hehe

Red Ruby

I think I will give mango sticky rice a try the next time round though I like their red ruby pretty much too. One thing to note is they don’t make their own desserts but sourced from the shops outside. So technically, your desserts come from them. Honestly, as long as the desserts are good, I don’t care who make them. haha

Beer Thai Restaurant

6001 Beach Road

Golden Mile Complex

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