220. The Sushi Bar @ Far East Plaza

There’s a new sushi place in town and it’s called The Sushi Bar. Located at the corner of far east plaza, you probably won’t take much notice of the humble blue colour shopfront, but the food is a whole new different level. I was there for dinner with a few friends and sadly cos they do not accept reservations after 7.30pm, we waited for quite abit before we finally get seated. Though I must say, the wait is totally worth it.

Waiting around cos the shop is REALLY tiny.

and finally, food is served!

Salmon Skin

Scallop Mentaiyaki

Salmon Sashimi

Thick, generous portion of it. SO GOOD. haha

Tori Karaage

Well, tastes like fried chicken. hahah pretty normal

Wafu spaghetti

Not advisable to get one by yourself cos it’s pretty gelat.

Chicken katsu w rice

Pretty tender chicken pieces. The sauce is good too

Tuna don

The tuna’s really sweet and fresh. Can order one to try!

Unagi don

cos K wanted one very badly. haha like it how the egg is striped like noodles

Aburi salmon soft shell crab roll

Definitely a must order. I like how the sushi rice is not too hard and all stay together

yum yum 😀

Grilled Sirloin Steak

This is so yummy. It’s crispy on the outside and sweet & moist inside

Yes, we are very pleased with the food. What makes it better there is no service charge! So I highly recommend this place!

The Sushi Bar

14 Scotts Road

#03-89 Far East Plaza


Desserts at Maison Kayser afterwards. Though I must say the ice chocolate pleasantly surprises cos it totally looks like milo. haha

Not exactly a fan of Maison Kayser but it’s passable. It’s a place I wouldn’t mind going if we need a place for desserts but I would prefer to go other places anytime.

Happy birthday K!

Ending w a group pic!

Maison Kayser

Wheelock Place 

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