211. Maison Ikkoku

Booked a last minute brunch but that was a bad choice cos most of the places had no more seats left 😦 So we settled for Maison Ikkoku in the end. Tucked away in Kampong glam and very near the famous Good and Rich Cake Shop, we slowly made our away there in the scorching heat!

Was very glad we were sitted indoors

You have to place your orders at the counter

Vanilla Latte

It was really good. The coffee was fragrant and you can taste the vanilla hint in it

Signature MI Latte

Which was surprisingly nothing special. LOL Maybe cos we don’t really know how to appreciate it. But I prefer the vanilla latte anytime

Twisted French Omelette

Huge servings. A little too much for me. I left half the plate untouched.

Salmon Florentine (in scrambled)

Not too bad but we couldnt finish it as well. Somehow the sauce has a curry taste to it. Abit.. strange

Our breakfast. yay

Me and my breakfast friend 🙂

Overall, food is normal but coffee is pretty good. It is probably not a place I will head back to since nothing stands out particularly, unless well I’m in the area. But here’s the address for those who are interested! Remember to make reservations!

Maison Ikkoku

20 Kandahar Street

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