209. Kilo @ Kampong Bugis

When I first heard of Kilo, it would never occur to me it’s the name of a restaurant. But after been there and tried their food, I think this has become one of my favourite restaurants πŸ™‚ This place is small and and inconveniently located so I guess people either drive, cab or walk a long way from the mrt. hahah but one thing for sure, you have to make reservations way before one week in advance!

The restaurant is located above Loysel’s Toy so once you stepped out from the lift, you literally can see the whole place in one view.

Kilo serves fusion kinda food, which is my kinda of food cos I love fusion food πŸ˜€ Honestly, I really wanted to order everything off the menu but I figure I shall leave it to my return visit. haha

Seared Wagyu Beef Sushi

This was one of their specials and I chose it! So glad we ordered this cos it was damn awesome. The beef was seared to perfect tenderness and sweetness and combined with the small ball of rice underneath, it was just perfect.

Seafood Ceviche

A platter of tuna, octopus and salmon. Pretty good too

Angel hair with cream of ebiko

The light cream sauce was really tasty. Paired it with the humongous and sweet prawns, this is a good plate of pasta. *slurps

Lava cake with ice cream

How can a lava cake go wrong right? haha though I still prefer Sabio’s salted caramel lava cake to this :p

hehe and yes, it’s still part of my birthday celebration. Leaving this place so impressed, I would definitely look forward to trying their sister restaurant at Orchard Central!

Thanks M for the awesome treat πŸ™‚


66 Kampong Bugis, #02-01

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