Yellow cabs and bright lights, NYC

dont reading the title makes you excited already? lol yes we are finally heading to explore big apple! we had a 2-day off so we thought of using this time to head down to new york city šŸ™‚ and yup it’s the whole one big group of us again. haha. so we drove down to NYC, which was surprisingly fast and soon enough we spotted manhatten.

we were actually trying to spot the singapore flag. hahah but alas, we didnt

we stayed at this place called the radio city apartment, which was right smacked in times square. how convenient right šŸ˜€ and the best thing was we were lucky enough to avoid the peak season charges so the price per pax was pretty reasonable šŸ™‚

arriving in style.

hahahaa. I WISH!

chiapet’s fireman. haha

the sofa bed which was transformed by the girls! haha

our mini kitchen

and the room! in case you are wondering why the sheets were all over, that’s cos we were searching for bed bugs. not like we want to find any, just that to make sure that was none. haha šŸ™‚

so after unpacking, we head out to explore NYC and of course starting with the renowned times square! whoohoo. haha. and we walked so much that we actually walked to chinatown! omg. that was total insanity. i mean we did take the metro, but i guessed we alighted at the wrong place/wrong judgment of walking distance. hahaha. well, chinatown wasnt as chinatown-y as expected. i guess there wasnt really much feel about it. hmm. but we still bought some chinese food & condiments to bring back to queensbury šŸ™‚

credits to Z and ah cek too

pretty common to see rows of artists lining up the streets

happy faces in times square. haha

grabbing lunch

our first bite of new york cheesecake! which was not bad šŸ™‚

hot dog carts! plenty of them too

but apparently it just tasted alright. haha

spotted H&M on the way šŸ˜€

reflection šŸ™‚

this. is. their. public. library. :O

our first metro trip!

buying tickets!

the gates

the train is here!

first sight of chinatown

milk tea, which doesnt taste very nice. haha

so i went to another store, hoping it will taste better. but omg. it’s SO HORRIBLE!

bought icecream along the way! i only remembered one of it is lychee. haha. i forgot the other. but super yums! the only decent thing we had in chinatown. LOL

bought dragon beard candy to try too!

see how excited. haha

well it looks the same, but it sincerely tasted like shit. hahaha. sighs šŸ˜¦

spotted their nypd car-cycle. hahaha. i dont know what is this called! so cute right. it’s like a motorcycle but it looks like a car too

and their fire engire has dragons on them! wth @@ lol

say hello to manhatten bridge

xiao bai cais, kang kong, cai xin, oyster sauce, sesame oil etc.

armed with all our loots, we continued walking all the way to whitehall/fulton market and the harbour area. then we walked to the financial district area/wall street. didnt take a photo with the bull cos we wanted to visit the 911 memorial site. and from there, we walked to soho but was left w very little time cos the shops were pretty much all closing. so we walked back to times square for dinner. haha. i think we almost died.

credits to Z & ah cek too

gives us a feel of boston

the background is actually quite pretty isnt it?

walking to the financial district

in memory of those who fell & to those who carry on

this is where wtc used to be. in a blink of an eye, 10 years had already passed. AND THEY ARE STILL BUILDING IT. omg.

hi soho

times square at night!

so many ppl!

we were really hungry and tired by the time we reached times square. so we were just dying to find a place to rest. in the end we settled at TGIFriday for dinner. i can still clearly remember it was 11pm when we had our dinner. hahaha. how long we had walked man.

credits to ah cek too

i had never try TGIFriday in sg before so this is my first visit!

honestly, even though i was hungry but the food wasnt as yummy as i expected it to be. it’s just fairly above average šŸ˜”

so after dinner, we took one last walk in times square. btw. new york city is really a city that never sleeps. close to 1am, the streets are still bustling with ppl! unbelievable. haha if this is sg, i dont think you can find as many ppl in orchard road at 1am.

see? it’s still so lively!

yay with times sq in the background šŸ™‚

by the time we reached our apartment, we were all ready to knock out. haha. so thats basically day 1 of NYC šŸ™‚ come back for more!

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