A walk down central park, NYC

Day 2 of NYC started with brunch at Sarabeth’s, a famous brunch place located right next to central park! so we packed our bags and took the metro down to central park. the place is pretty hmm atas? hahah. the food? this place serves the best brunch i’ve ever eaten in my entire life. hahaha. it has the best egg benedicts ever.

credits to ah cek too

ready to head out!

checking out

the subway is SO confusing. omg. they have so many lines & numbers and so many exit stations named after the streets. i remembered the first time we looked at this map, we just went errr where are we? hahahaha. can they make it like less complicated?

a pretty architecture we walked past. SO PRETTY!

yay. brunch

alfresco. enjoying the scenery, watching people walking by & enjoying good food 🙂

the menu

in an intense conversation over what to eat

four flowers juice. i know the name sounds funny but it’s really refreshing!

chicken pot pie

yummy yummy eggs benedict!

lemon blueberry pancake!


so after brunch we took a walk around central park. my first thought linked to the episode of csi where dead bodies were found there. HAHAHAH. i know. so uncool right. so anyway, the park was huge. you see people just lazying on the grass anywhere, random people busking and even some people sunbathing!

credits to ziki too

horse carriages are pretty. but horses are smelly!

i was so intrigued by the signs on the benches. different signs say different stuffs whether is it regarding birthdays or anniversaries. i remembered encountering one that says ‘i’ve proposed to her on this very day’ and the next bench says ‘and she said yes’ so cool right! omg. i wonder how they got their imprints on the benches.

open concert hall?

busking! they are pretty good!

busking #2! they are v smart to make use of the enclosed area so that the music will be amplified and rounder. but they are good too!

boating under such weather. these ppl must be mad. it’s not romantic at all please

so 2 hours after brunch at sarabeth’s, we went to shake shack for lunch. hahahah. i know right. we were still so full! but how can we miss shake shack? 🙂 and it turns out that our decision was right! they have the best milkshake ever. omg. everything there was yummy. this is definitely one place i would miss in NYC 🙂 hmm then after that was continued shopping at soho before buying some bakery at bouchon bakery to munch on our trip back.

the line that goes all the way out



Bouchon bakery!

the pastries overall are pretty nice. i love round almond thingy. haha. and yes it’s rather expensive for a tiny piece of pastry

so after getting our food, we rushed back to the apartment to meet the rest of the group to head back to queensbury. honestly, NYC wasnt as wow as i expected it to be. maybe i have too high expectations that the reality doesnt match up to it. but overall it’s a nice experience! 🙂

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