The American life

that week, six flags saw an event hosted by Americade. it’s an annual event where all the harley davidson riders come tgt to celebrate and enjoy. it’s supposedly quite a sight since there are dozens of harley davidsons riding through the city and the park itself. and some unlucky us got chosen to stay back late to help out. well, im one of the lucky few who was able Β to siam such tiring catering. lol. so we went back early to catch fireworks πŸ™‚

eating yummy icecream in the very cold weather and watching the mini concert at the same time πŸ™‚


dedicated to those who were working πŸ™‚

and of course being the very nice friends we are, we prepared supper for them. haha

our version of brushetta! haha. considering the limited ingredients we have, this is already not bad. lol

we finally got a chance to visit blue moose after a very long while. haha. it was supposed to be a farewell for antonio just in case he really flew back to sg. so we really took it as our last dinner w him 😦

credits to ziki too

located right across the boys’ cabin!

where we coincidentally met our other friends there. see, queensbury is how small

french onion soup, very interesting. hahaha. okay i know interesting is an ambiguous word. not bad la. it’s unique but a lil salty though

buffalo wings. which we dont really like. cos it’s way too sour

crab cake! highly recommended by our landlord.

okay i realised we ordered quite abit. hahah. plus we had another plate of wings cos it’s under 1 for 1. not like we like it but since it’s free, must as well right. haha. generally, i think price-wise is okay. just that the food takes foreverrrr to come. like literally forever. 😦

cheers to new friends πŸ˜€

satisfied much πŸ™‚


that day, we had a birthday celebration for our dear audrey & ah cek. the initial plan was to go seafood paradise but we decided to change it to ze char in the end, at the neon lights ze char place in clementi. lol. luckily me and ziki went early and got ourselves a good table under shelter (cos the sky was overcast & very threatening. lol) no pictures of the food though. cos i was too lazy & we were too hungry. haha. so desserts at nydc next! drove ourselves to holland v which we witnessed how drivers snatched lots and parked in record time. LOL. just kidding πŸ™‚

happy birthday!

then the epic thing came. we were singing the birthday song when suddenly the lil boy sitting next to us started singing as well. he continuously sang it for the next few minutes some more! omg. so paiseh. hahaha. the whole restaurant was able to hear him so clearly. sheesh. feels like the boy really wants a birthday soon. hahaha. we decided to venture into the hdb estate and play sparklers next. hmm i wonder where the sparklers came from. haha

i am personally v scared of fire. thats why im the photographer πŸ™‚

kids at heart πŸ˜€

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