Up & down in New Jersey

New jersey was actually a last minute thing. i believed the plan was thrown in cos we wanted to visit the six flags there, which was apparently much bigger and catered to those strong at heart. haha. the roadtrip started early in the morning but we only reached there in the late afternoon after getting lost for dont know how many times. haha. oh wells, nevertheless we got there in the end 🙂

credits to ziki & ah cek too

ah cek happy to get out of the car

dropping out stuffs at our hostel first

and on the way to six flags. i thought the amusement park was relatively near the hostel place. but the drive seems like a pretty long one and i had no idea why

so many different rides!

the size of the park which was 3 times ours. omg. win

if you are wondering why the park looked so empty, thats cos we took photos when we are about to leave. haha

superman! superman was really fun. haha. we were rather amused the ride attendants had to run to each row so as to get the crowd going. i like nitro too! damn shiok. it was not scary at all. haha okay la. my analysis of scary might not be as accurate since i love roller coaster rides. haha. but one thing for sure, we didnt enjoy the green lantern ride. it was.. hmm painful. LOL

thats basically all the rides we took? cos we had limited time and the park was damn huge. so yeah we hanged around for quite some time before heading over to dinner at blue point grill! and of course ending the day w sweet desserts 🙂

credits to ah cek too!

we sat here pretty long cos one of our friends lost her bag inside the park and another friend went in to find. wah damn drama. and we were getting hungry by the seconds

someone won a gigantic lion 😀

the sun is setting!

me trying to be artistic. haha

our dinner place located at princetown town! we detoured at princeton u too, but since it was so dark, we doubt we can actually see anything. haha

checking out the long and extensive menu

lobster bisque

the best oysters i’ve eaten. haha. we ordered one round for those who eat oysters, then encouraged the non-oysters to try and we went for second round. so yummy & fresh!! omg. anywhere in sg that serves such yummy oysters?

it’s so damn shiok. super super fresh. i can still vividly taste the lemony taste and the sweet oyster juice that filled up your mouth

happily sucking oysters

i think this is salmon

seafood paellla. super yummy too

swordfish maybe?

mahi mahi

prawns. i think they are beer battered prawns. haha i cant remember

seasonal bluefish!

blogging about this makes me feel like going for a seafood lunch/dinner right now. omg. haha. anyone wants to join me? 🙂

a very satisfied us after dinner.

chocolates after dinner 🙂

the shop was actually empty when we came in. haha. but i think we gave them noise for half an hour. lol

interesting flavours!

that wraps up our day 1 in NJ! 🙂

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