The wild side of New Jersey

so we decided to check out the safari park located right across six flags in the morning before heading to woodsbury outlets in the afternoon (double triple yay for shopping πŸ™‚ ) the safari park is really awesome, like one of a kind. you sit in your car while driving through the designated route and get to see the animals running wild on their own. haha. alright peektures overload!

rise & shine

the not too shabby free breakfast

with OJ

and the best bagel ever

off to the park!

we were attacked!! hahaha

here’s the culprit. we were literally screaming when it approached us. cos antonio went to roll down the window and we went ‘quick close the window!!’ damn hilarious

love this picture!

lions den

bear! πŸ™‚

they were so adorable! one misled the other by going one whole round around the river and then swimming across back to where they started in the first place so that he can kope the other bear’s food!! omg. so cute!

so cute! lol

ugly lama. haha

i like this picture alot too. like some reign of supremacy in there. haha

snacking on our way to woodsbury. btw. B&J late night snack was damn shiok. with potato chips in it! πŸ˜€

and few hours later..

never spent so much in my life. hahaha. though yes, v accomplished.

and the best buy of the day. my MMJ bag. which till date im still regretting not buying more bags from SAKS OFF 6TH. like super duper regretful. hahahaa. oh wells.

ending off w a picture of woodsbury (which i miss you super alot). adios!

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