A walk to the past

so coincidentally me, ziqi & silei had the same off days. im so thankful i had nice ppl on my off days and ziqi’s always part of it. heh 🙂 and we decided to make use of our free entry to attractions sponsored by six flags thingy so that we can utilise our off days to the max. 😀 so our destination? lake george! (again!) but this time we played a visit to fort william henry. and before that, lunch at our fav place to have the famous philly cheesesteak first. 🙂

credits to ziqi as well

the day started pretty epicly. we wanted to cross the road. i mean there was nothing wrong w it. but the funniest part was while crossing, ziqi’s lens cap dropped in the middle of the road and so with cars zooming by we had to make it to the other side of the road first

leaving the cap sitting there

frantically trying to get the cap back. btw, the road here is super difficult to cross. hahaha

and thats why incidents happen. and THATS WHY they have this sign.

we had wanted to take the trolley bus. but since it took forever to come and the weather was so hot, we decided to take a cab instead. haha. and honestly, cabs in US are really pretty expensive.

back to the shop again

decided to go alfresco this time, which was a very bad decision. haha

i got a super bad tan after that 😦

the entrance of the fort

view from the top. honestly, this place is pretty small.

one of the captains from the old days. haha. it was pretty cool to see a live demonstration.

 hmm. thats a real granite

and he threw towards us! omg. damn terrified. hahaah. cos it went off like smoke and all, thankfully it didnt hit us. pretty cool right. haha

next up! canons!

and yes, they went off too. omg. lol. it was damn loud please

and then we get to explore the place on ourselves. so we took this chance to become soldiers! haha. okay it was meant for kids laa. but since there were not many kids around that day, we can go back to being kids for awhile. haha. so we marched across the ground with the captain and ta-da enlisted into the army! haha.

credits to ziqi too!

as you can see, this is meagre pay. lol

fooling around!

it’s archery time!

haha i know it looks like im concentrating but the truth is this arrow is so difficult to shoot! omg. i wonder how people use bows and arrows in the past!

all trying a shot at it


they look pretty fake and scary if you ask me. and yes this is their medical room

and welcome to the dungeon

i can reach!

say hi

the cell is so tiny!

not v cool. haha

the bunks

then we went out to take some pictures before touring the gift shop, which is pretty big! haha and hmm that basically wraps up the whole fort. oh yes, this place is really small. i think it should be a smaller replica of the original. i mean, how can you accommodate so many people within such a small compound!

credits to ziqi too!

overlooking lake george

such a huge bearrrr


HAHAH. this is so funny

they have like all sorts of rubbish here.

alright thats all. honestly, i think the entrance fee is abit expensive but it’s a good experience to learn about all these history 🙂

okay. bye!

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