Boston like no other

I’m back for day 2 of Boston! we had an early morning that day cos we have a whale-watching trip to catch. so all the things were packed and ready to go. but alas! we had to wait for a few people who decided to go eat macs brekkie when we are all waiting for them. so tired and pissed, we went into a bitching session. oops. but thankfully we made it to the harbour in time so off we go!

all waiting patiently, not

moments later,

the harbour!

school excursion! haha but they were going for the aquarium tour (which is a very smart & good choice)

all aboard!

it was a tiresome and disappointing 2 hours journey. haha. initially we were all hyped about seeing whales but the bad weather made it almost impossible. cos it was foggy and all, it was really impossible to sight any whales at all. at one point, we had a delusion of being/seeing pirates. hahaah yes like pirates of the caribbean. and the worse part? the sea was sooo choppy! can you believe all of us fell sick aboard? HAHAHA. everywhere we turn, we see people puking. ohmygosh

credits to Z too

when we just got seated. haha

the really choppy sea, which you cant tell from here. hahaa. but it’s really bad!

and it’s so windy

hahahaa. blown away

mint sweets to make us feel better

and i start feeling unwell 😦

and then we decided the best way to kill our motion sickness is to stand and enjoy the wind. hahaha. it really does help after awhile.

so anyway we were really glad the whole whale watching experience is over. we went to walk around and visited quincy market for lunch!

credits to Z too

spotted a seagull in the near distance

the weather started to turn warmer in the afternoon

beautiful architecture

quincy market!

candied apples

deciding lunch

huge m & m cookies 🙂

hungry much

so after lunch we walked all over the place. haha. i dont even know where we ventured to, just that we walked alot. like really alot. eventually we reached some park and the guys commented on their desire to get some fresh lemonade. haha. so well, we found one stall but the price of a lemonade drink was exorbitant. HAHAH. while venturing further into the park, we saw lots of doggies running about. they were all so cute!

i dont know who is this. but there were alot ppl taking photo of him. haha so we follow suit. lol

this is their financial district area, i think

cute teapot above starbucks. there was even smoke coming out of it!

while the girls got some starbucks to drink, i caught the guys camwhoring! hahaha. start of bromance 101

and we walked some more

tada! the one and only lemonade stand. haha

this is my fav. he’s so adorable! omg 🙂 haha


and a doggie decided to come over for some attention. AHAHAH. she’s called charlie 🙂

after which we went to north end, also known as lil italy!

when we finally reached our cars, we were so exhausted it feels like our legs are not part of us anymore. haha. but we are glad we are finally done w all the walking. and then it’s time to head back to queensbury!

sunsets elsewhere are always much more beautiful than the ones back home 🙂

the trip back from boston was really a memorable one. as you can see, there are no street lamps on the highways. we depend on the reflectors at the side to guide us through. furthermore, it’s a common sight to spot wild animals crossing the highway. so as the light starts to disappear, the weather decided that it was time to rain as well. what makes matter worse was it was foggy at one part of the journey. omg. so we were driving and suddenly there’s this moose standing in our pathway looking at us (like an idiot). we were all damn shocked. at this point, we cannot brake or else it will cause a chain of accidents behind and we would all die. so the only solution was to knock the animal down. but our smart driver decided to avoid it by driving right into the next lane (which has other cars as well. omg) and our friend’s car which was behind us swerved to the left (which almost hit the divider). so the moose just continued standing there, with 2 cars flashing past him. im pretty sure the moose would have died sooner or later. gosh. what a stupid animal! i think he almost took 8 lives. before the incident, everyone was sleeping. after the incident happened, everyone decided to stay awake. HAHAHA. and it was not all. another part of the journey, our driver fell asleep while driving, and the car went onto another lane, into an 18 wheeler. omg. thankfully the driver honked, if not we would all be dead already. this trip back is really an adventure of an lifetime. im just glad we all made it back home in one piece. hahahaa.

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