Clam chowder & Boston

that was our first off day in the week and so we decided to make a trip up to Boston. i think it was supposed to a small group trip but it ended up with the whole bunch of us travelling together. haha. oh wells. and the saying goes, the more the merrier. 🙂 but it might not always be necessarily true. the thing abt big group is people always tend to take their own time which leads to waiting for each other and end up doing nothing but just wait, and wait, WHICH IS VERY IRRITATING. oh wells.

so, the cars came late. i forgot why. but anyway everyone was really very excited to be going somewhere. haha. so pictures to illustrate!

this coco ah. so cute. hahaha. cos we were joking about not enough space to seat everyone. she went to squeeze in the boot area! omg. lol

see what im talking about? lol

us at the back!

and introducing our drivers!

mr ah jek

mr antonio

and mr jonathan, also affectionately known as papa bear.HAHAHAH. inside joke 🙂

everyone getting ready for a peek-ture!

all the girls!

the boys’ turn

after 10,000,000 photos later, we are off the road! the trip to Boston was a cold and long one. i think we drove up a mountain or sth cos the weather outside got really cold and the view became misty. so we dropped by macs (our fav service centre of all time. haha but thats cos we dont have much choice to choose from -.- ) to get some food before continuing our journey!

lets jump for the cold weather! haha

everyone loves a jumping shot 🙂

we were all so amused by the poster. or rather the fact it is called asian salad just cos there’s mandarin oranges in it. HMM.

nuggets! but i think the nuggets here are drier and they dont have curry sauce. 😦 hahaha

after like very long, we finally reached Boston! yay. somehow, Boston just feels different. the buildings there are really pretty, with a touch of european feel. i like 🙂 even though there’s nothing much to do there (prob cos we dont have alot of time. haha), but it’s a pretty lil city 🙂

first sight of Boston!

past by MIT!

this was our hostel btw. haha. looks pretty but it’s really scary. the hostel has lots of rooms! literally alot of them, separated by walls and we had to maneuver our way through 3 flight of stairs to find our rooms. omg. it was so scary me and Z have to go to the bathroom tgt. HAHAHA. those memories. gosh

credits to Z too!

waiting for our rooms!

the horrifying steep and cranky stairs

past one door after another (so confusing!)

and finally there

this is how the hallway look like. i honestly think they should repaint the colours of the door. make it more colourful maybe?

so anyway, we left our accommodation and proceed to explore the surroundings. first stop? havard! haha. how can we miss breathing in the havard air and sitting on the havard grass right? 😀 apparently our accommodation was near havard so yeah we took a walk in the neighbourhood. which took very long in the end. hahaha. never trust distance in US. their definition of walking distance differs greatly from ours. and while walking to havard, we bumped into 2 very interesting gentlemen, who were in Boston for i-forgot-what-reason. i think they were on course or sth. and we kinda explore havard tgt. and he started telling us some history (on war or sth) which i was trying hard not to laugh when he was telling us cos i can tell everyone wanted to just get away from him. okay v bad i know. :X

credits to Z too

happy to be leaving

met a really angry kitty on the way. haha. anyway there are like so much more doggies than kitties in the US. haha. i wonder why

sitting on the havard grass!

shuffling in havard

hahaha. okay i dont know what they are doing

can you believe this is just the business school? omg. i think it’s like 10 times my sch -.-

trying to fit into the surrounding. haha

this picture is so funny. ah beng in havard. hahaha

so cute!

walking over to the main campus

havard rowers!

the gentlemen we met!

finally reached the main campus!

they were preparing for convocation!

john havard himself

after that, we went to explore havard square. oh yes they have a chilling/shopping area named after havard, where you can find shops lining up the streets and dozens of students just hanging out together after school. the life of college students in US. and we wonder why we dont get the same treatment back home. so anyways we went to the coop, a shop that sells everything havard related and we bought a havard tee of course! haha. i mean like since we go all the way there, have to buy something as souvenir right. and at the coop, they were distributing the robes for the graduands on the upper floor. at the point, i can understand why havard students back home have the air of an elitist. i mean imagine you are one of the smart ones that finally finish your course of study painstakingly. wont you feel proud of yourself? just have to admit they are different from us. sighs. feel so inferior suddenly. hahaha

havard station

wide range of stuffs. from shirts to notebooks to everything you name it, they have it

secretly took photos of the plagues. my gosh. they are huge!

visited our first pinkberry! SO yummy! why sg dont have 😦

spot a cute pair of doggies outside pinkberry. one’s a mum and the other is the daughter!

falling head over heels w them. haha

so after that it was time for some seafood dinner! but we took forever to find skipjack restaurant and the temperature was dropping by the second. thankfully we finally made it to the restaurant and dinner was wonderful 🙂 a fine spread of wine, lobster, clam chowder and fresh seafood, ended off with a series of pictures. but the highlight of the night was running in the freezing weather. when we left the restaurant, the weather was unbelievable cold. omg. damn epic. so we hid in some pharmacy cos the rest need to get motion sickness pills. and the wait took 45 mins cos some ppl went on a mascara shopping spree! #$%#

love the background!

cheers to good food!

very yummy lobster bisque

clam chowder. it’s interesting how their clam chowder always go with biscuits

fresh seafood platter

fried seafood platter

the best mahi mahi i’ve ever eaten

that marks the end of the night!

stay tuned to day 2 of boston! 🙂

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