My first week there

My first week in NY is nothing but a bore. hahaha. trying to overcome jetlag, getting to know our hostel better, attending trainings and orientations and lots and lots of cooking πŸ™‚ and oh, a roadtrip to woodsbury shopping outlets! lemme bring you around the place.

this is our hostel. looks so unsafe right. haha. but it’s okay la. stay-able. but i think they were not really prepared for us to come initially cos we didnt have washing machine/dryers. it was like 1 week later before the stuffs come. our ‘pantry’ is located at the bottom far left!

the view outside

the family of geese we always see when we walk to work. it’s very scary cos we watch them grow up, like literally. from baby geese to as big as their mum/dad is. and the sad thing was one family of geese got knocked down by M, reckless driver. tsk. oh, there were 3/4 families of them. and how we always jokingly comment grabbing one of them for dinner. haha

otw to work! or rather what we see everyday

the door we walked through to get into the park

the ridiculously big stuff animals customers win to play a game

see, it’s huge! and honestly, not v cute

our ESO! where we clock in to work. we used to clock in punctually. hahaha. until we clock in half an hour late. ahem.

lemme show you our bright neon green uniforms. haha

i know how bright we are. hahahah.

our 3 essential stuffs. our time slip, ID and nametag.

at training! which was pretty boring and useless cos we couldnt remember our stuffs on our first day of work. SIGHS.

and cos the guys’ place is a 20 mins walk away from the girls’ and we wanted to see how their place is like, we made a trip down after our training one day

say hello to ulu somerset. hahaha. it’s like log cabin’s style

it’s really cold.

the girls’ room is definitely much better. haha

our day at the kitchen

credits to Z’s too

new stove πŸ™‚ but what i think was we need MORE stoves. i mean like ya, new ones are good. but there are like 30-40 of us fighting for 4 stove cookers? how dumb. tsk. so it’s always like a warzone in the kitchen. everyone’s waiting and fighting for space in the kitchen.

it’s cooking time!

the essentials we need for cooking, which cannot be found in US. sighs

somehow everyone decides to cook pasta. haha


ziki hard at work

checking on their food


doing what we do everyday. haha

instant noodles cos we were too lazy. hahhaha

i will upload all of our cooking photos. haha hardwork leh. one hour of preparation + half an hr of cooking effort is worth 5 mins of showcase here right. lol

can you guess what is this dish gonna be?

Z’s famous potato salad! v v famous one. hahaha. and also, this dish marks the start of our friendship for the 7 of us πŸ™‚ all because ah jek said ‘eh lets share share leh’ LOL

OKAY. i know it doesnt look fantastic. hahaha. but i assure you our dishes get better with each passing day! haha

we went for outback after training one day cos we were pretty lazy to cook already. hahaha. and we wanted to see whether it tastes the same as singapore’s

eh the sky wasnt this dark. it’s due to my camera effect. haha

one thing abt the sky there is it doesnt get dark till like 8-9pm. and yes, this is probably still 8pm there.

yay! outback!

i remembered when we first sat down at the tables, everyone was looking at us. hahaha. literally everyone. cos we were so bright! felt like we illuminated the whole restaurant or sth. even the waitress came over and commented how bright we are

chiapet, always ready for the camera. haha

honestly, i dont know if it we had too high expectations for outback. cos it doesnt taste as good. apparently singapore’s one is like so much better. -.- disappointing much

happy us after dinner

and we went for outlet shopping the next day. haha. our first ever roadtrip! exciting much πŸ™‚ woodbury must be the largest premium shopping outlets i’ve been too, with 400 over stores. omg insane. lol. the trip wasnt very far, about 2 and a half hours drive away from our place. so we set off early in the morning but alas, got lost on our way there. hahaha. but it’s okay. we got there in the end πŸ™‚

and since we had to wait for ah jek to pick us up, we did what girls do best – camwhore. hahahah. dont judge okay.

Credits to Z as well

we always kick off our roadtrip with a trip to the bank and gas station. haha. and gosh the bank has a drive thru! they really have drive thru for everything man. haha.

i wish the bank has more branches all over US. sighs

this is how the drive thru looks like. so cool right. hahaha. and we ask why they dont have one in sg. i think we prob dont have enough land for that and people dont have the patience for such service.

our first ever roadtrip!

i like this effect v much. so cool right. haha

yay. we are finally here!

time to shop!

our fav outlet of all time. hahaha. it’s like sooo cheap there. gosh

and few hours later..

the aunty behind must be thinking, what a shopaholic! hahaha. but not all mine okay

the BIGGEST shopaholic of all time. unbelievable. lol

bag of loots. worth thousands.

okay that basically wraps up the week. thats all folks! πŸ™‚

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