Lets go NY!

Hi!! *waves* I’m back! I cant believe my whole WAT experience has already ended. somehow this journey just felt like it happened yesterday. and yes, im still suffering from jetlagged. and i know i said i will be back with a proper update but i didnt expect it to be 3 months later. hahaha. im sorry. our wifi at martha’s – the place we were living in was just slow beyond description and work sometimes make us so drained of energy we dont have the time to do other stuffs. so anyway here it is!

The day started off with last lunch with family at the airport and meeting friends who came to send us off. thank you all 🙂 so touched. haha. and then it was on to the 6 hours flight to taiwan which we had one night accommodation there!

awesome chinese food you prob cant find it in the USA

w my xiaomei fym! btw. so happy she’s happily attached now 🙂

kaihua and the bf!

and my girlfriends who came 🙂

and we finally landed in taiwan airport!

at the transit counter where we had to settle our accommodation for the night

and then disaster struck. hahahah jk. cos at sg airport we were supposed to receive 2 boarding passes. one to taiwan and one from taiwan to NY. but we only received the one to taiwan and we only realised when we were at the transit counter cos the staffs asked for it. so we panic-ed. cos we didnt know and the staff in sg didnt give it to us but everyone else had it. omg. and then later we found out from chiapet they secretly rolled eyes at us. HAHAHAH. wey wey. its not our fault! but luckily we managed to get our boarding pass in the end and off we go to our accommodation!

back in familiar taiwan airport

so after checking in, we went to find food around our area in the rain. haha. it was already quite late by then so we were quite thankful shops were still opened. and since we were in taiwan, how can we miss lu rou fan and the legendary bbt? 😀

wide selection to choose from! streetside food = cheap and good!

and we bought even more food. hahaha. the instant noodles with chunky bits of beef in it and milk pudding for dessert! i know, piggy much. hahaha. i think the whole meal would be even more complete with our hualien 蔥油餅! ah. how i miss that too!


and so we prepared for our 2nd trip of our journey. heading to NY!! while transiting at Osaka. pictures of food on the plane. honestly, china airlines exceed my expectations. hahaha. really, the food was quite nice actually and the air stewardess look presentable. the plane was a smooth flight too and oh, it’s owned by taiwan. hahaha. so yes, worth considering ppl!

i love the soft buns they provide. it’s soooo yummy i can eat 10 of them for breakfast and not get sick.

okay. it doesnt really look presentable. but it’s really not bad. haha

this is really yumms!

someone reading wall st journal ahh. hahahaa i bet she cant tell me what’s it all about :p

and after 20 hours of flight, we finally landed in JFK airport! yay. wanted to get to port authority via shuttle but as usual got kinda ‘cheated’ for taking those private taxis instead. oh well, luckily we got to our destination in the end and it was a race against time cos apparently we had to collect our tickets by a certain time. i still remembered how excited all of us were when we spotted the first sight of manhatten and of course, times square 🙂 but all that have to wait since we had a bus to catch. when we finally reached queensbury, it was goodness knows what time at night and the weather was the coldest i have experienced. totally wanted to freeze to death.

this bus driver was our saviour.

we were dropped off at lake george. see how dark it was? there no cars in sight, needless to say cabs. and all the shops were closed. we had no means to call for cab and no idea how to get to our hostels. and all of us were just standing out there, freezingg. the bus driver took sympathy on us and drove us straight to our hostels. omg. how nice he was! our saviour indeed 🙂

after we did our registration, we headed to our hostels. girls at martha’s and guys at somerset’s. and even though we were all super tired, the girls decided to go walmart to get some essentials and this marked our first trip to walmart!

doing our registration

an empty room. very empty in fact. lol

our doorway

and hello walmart!

rows of bananas

and i thought the weather outside was quite bad. the temperature inside walmart was worse. it was damn cold la! omg. so anyways headed back after grocery shopping and that marks the end of the day!

looks more like a home now

furnished with food. spot milo and liang teh! hahahaha. yups. this is the place we gonna live for the next 2 months 🙂

and i shall end here for now.

on a side note, it’s good to be home. although it’s kinda a lil foreign to me. not used to using sg money and the weather and my bed. hahaha. but it feels good to be having chilli again! cant wait for chomp later. yay! 😀 thanks all folks. ttfn!

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