My short trip! (part 2)

hello day 3! and guess where we are going? all prep and ready to conquer..

chatuchak/jj market! whoohoo

the end of the park/start of the market

i think it was only 9 plus 10 am but gosh there was quite a crowd already!

and randomly walking trying to find the right sois. cos jj market was so big huge, we only wanted to visit the clothes section which was sois 10-26, but my friend told me to visit 16-21 so okay. i was trying to find

this is how one soi looks like. cos it was still relatively early, some of the shops were still not opened. but the whole stretch was really long! i think it’s like orchard rd to somerset/douby. and there are so many of them! but after one hour, i died in there. HAHAHA. i really cannot take the heat. it was so stuffy with not much ventilation. then plus i came to this denim section where the width of the soi was half of this picture (yes that squeezy!) and like no air at all! okay. i really really cant take it. so we walked outside (where the sun was menacingly glaring at us)

so hott!!

so i survived for another hour and i really threw in the towel. (im not pampered ok. but i think if i stay there for another half an hour, i’ll die of heatstroke i swear. it was 36 degrees that day!)

and so we bid farewell to jj. so many taxis! 🙂

and we trained to mbk for more shopping! but of course lunch first! lunch was at some thai-chinese place which i forgot the name. haha

yummy peanut biscuits!

we ordered shark’s fin soup! 😀 i was quite excited for it. but.. hahaha. it wasnt nice! 😦 this is actually shark’s fin with abalone. but i think the quality of the abalone was bad, so the soup was abit sour

we decided to try crab meat roll instead of prawn roll. v yummy too!

this is super super yummy. seafood beehoon!

roast duck. quite oily actually

and some random vege, which was half cooked well and some not cooked. lol

actually we didnt really shop mbk cos probably we were tired. so half the time they were resting while i went to do manicure. hahaha. which was the worst experience ever!! im never patronising that shop ever again. 😦 it was quite ugly and painful 😦 😦 and i was regretting over the whole duration. though it was cheap..

and so we went to buy food stuffs back after that. i think the whole point of going mbk was to buy the food stuffs. haha

and since we had to wake up really early the next day, we thought we should just had an early dinner and head back to hotel. so we walked over to siam paragon and had dinner at this jap/korean place.

guess what is this for! haha

it’s for bbq! interesting isnt it? cos you dont normally see in sg

and our food! which was really really bad. the sashimi was not fresh AT ALL! imagine the taste! ewww

i had wanted to try the beef soup but then mummy and aunt dont eat beef, so in the end i ordered tofu, which was okay..

tepanyaki scallop, which wasnt very fantastic either. ahahha. although it looks not bad here

ebi tenpura ramen. uh. not very nice too! LOL

so in all, the food there sucks. yeah very disappointing indeed 😦

so okay after that we walked back to our hotel, due to my aunty’s insistence (grrr) cos like i was already v tired and the weather was still hot and even though the walk from siam paragon to my hotel was only 10 minutes, but whenever by the time we reached the hotel, we will be sweating like pigs. sighs. in the end, we gave in and walked back with our barangs. in which all of us fell sick that nigh.. HAHAH. epic. we had runs so bad we dont know it’s due to the food or the climate. but i think is both. cos my system cant even absorb water, much less food. so we prayed that we will be well in time for floating market the next day.

the next morning. we were still sick. but we made our way to the train market with our tour guide!

all the yummy kuehs we can only see and not eat 😦

our tour guide! he’s a smart fellow! though he grew up in the mountains

maeklong station!

the market!

those are marinated fish or sth like that la. haha you get the idea.

you see the railway track? it’s still in use actually! so when the train comes, all the vendors will pack their stuffs to allow the train to past then when the train past, the vendors will continue to sell. amazing right!

crabs! zomg.

so many fruits!

you see the brown thing in the middle? those are frogs!! O.O

okay so after we walked the whole railway track containing the vendors, we made our way back to the train station to wait for the train to come. haha. to see how is it like when the train arrives.

see. everyone’s getting ready.

even the police! haha

and here comes the train. to show you that there is really a train

i find this photo hilarious. everyone’s taking photo of the train. it seems like these people have never seen a train in their entire life before. i think those people on the train must be wondering how come these people are so weird la.

after which we continued our journey to a palm sugar factory then to floating market! i decided to skip blogging about the palm sugar factory cos i didnt really take lots of photo in there as i was feeling really uncomfortable at that time.

but first we had to take a motor boat to the centre of the market

and off we go!

houses along the river!

trees along the river!

high tide that day!

and the boat was going so fast that water keeps splashing onto us! (ewww)

15 minutes later we finally see first human going our way. haha

more greens!

more human!

after like forever, we finally reached the entrance of the centre of the market!

welcome to floating market 🙂

we then changed to a sampan for a floating market tour. there is the half an hour tour and the one hour tour. so we chose the former since we were not really feeling well.

i was so tempted by the lychees there!! but cant eat 😦

all the boat noodles vendors 🙂

more vendors!

we came to this section where all the food are and the lane was jam packed. haha. cos it was around lunch time so everyone’s getting stuffs to eat. and we came only watch people eat! sobs sobs

lil girl helping the mum w business. SO CUTE! and this is the stall that sells mango sticky rice. i think there is nowhere in the world that sells mango sticky rice better than in thailand. so sad i couldnt try! 😦

alot more fruits!

tau sar piah!

kuehs 😀

coconut pancakes!!

so sad i can only take photos of them and not eat 😦 sighs. i think maybe next time i should go floating market on the first/second day instead. hahah

hats for sale!

chanels for sale!

that half an hour ride is enough to kill me. i slept the entire ride back to hotel and i ran a fever after that. omg. totally wanted to die. thankfully by the time i reached the airport, my fever has subsided. phew. just so glad to be home after that. although the floating market tour was a disappointment (cos we were not feeling well) but the shopping made up for it! (thankfully) hahah. so next time, i will choose a nice weather before visiting bangkok again!


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